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The Pazio hosted PRD is dead long live AoN

The Pazio hosted PRD is dead long live AoN

Does this irritate anyone else as much as it does me? Don't get me wrong, I like AoN, I even prefer it for some tasks, but AoN, the PRD, and d20pfsrd (and others) have always served different purposes in my Pathfinder toolbox. Now Paizo has taken one of those tools away from me and I'm left to use a wrench in place of a hammer.

I get you, I personally don't even really like AoN... now, all I have will be the d20PFSRD...

Hmmm... Thanks for posting. I usually tried to use the Paizo one first. Then used the d20 one. Rarely Archive of Nethys. Good to know.

I have similar concerns as well. Don't get me wrong - I love the Archives. It's my go to site, since it's layout is nicely organized and it's easy on the eyes (unlike d20pf). However, I liked the PRD for rules referencing, and as a site to send the newbies to, since it's wonderfully organized by core books and only shows those.

Hopefully, AoN will provide something like that when they come back online with the new PRD.

I always felt that paizo site had the easiest to use list for the mundane equipment & gear (e.g. backpacks).

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What does AMA stand for?
Ask Me Anything. In other words, the guy's taking all sorts of questions that we usually don't get to see the answers to.


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