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Character feedback, please.

Character feedback, please.

I once tried to make a Pathfinder character of DC's Captain Cold. That attempt didn't work out. This one seems to be going better, but I would still like a little bit of feedback.

I'm going with mainly Gun Chemist and a few levels of Phantom Thief Rogue. I'm going with human and a stat spread of 10 Str, 15 Dex, 14 Con, 16 Int, 12 Wis, and 10 Cha. I know Cha isn't really a needed stat for those classes, but I can't imagine him as uncharismatic.

Traits are Never Stop Shooting and Indomitable Faith. First level feats are Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot. I plan on his first alchemical discovery be Frost Bomb. Which will let him shoot cold bullets at level 2. I'm thinking of taking Tanglefoot Bomb as his second discovery, fluffing it as him icing their feet to the floor.

Any thoughts?

I don't know captain cold, but it seems you have a pretty good idea of what you want the character to be, which can be really fun. From my own experience with game systems I learned that they most of the time are more of a restriction than a free field of options, so definitely let your GM know how you see the character and what sort of stuff you want him to gain, so that you can work together when you bumb into the limitations of the system.

He's a supervillain and talented thief with a gun that shoots ice and he regularly faces off against the Flash. He's also occasionally a hero and has even been a member of the Justice League a few times.

I'm mostly asking for feedback because this is the first character I've ever made that uses firearms and only the second that's ranged focused.

And I do know about the system limits. I plan to make the Flash later and it looks like it's going to be even harder than making Captain Cold.

putting the gaming system in the headline would have been nice. There are other games out there.

Seems like a nice build. I like considering a bit of strength on martially characters, simply bc you never know when your gun may go offline and you have to enter melee - but understandable if that's not feasible in this case.
I like it.

He will eventually be getting both Weapon Finesse and Dex to Damage for melee from his levels in Rogue since I'll be using Unchained.

Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
I could use a little advice on feats. I've never made a gun user before.
Gun-slinger types still benefit from the same feats as archers do - point blank shot, precise shot, rapid shot, deadly aim, many shot, etc etc etc. Slap Rapid Reload in there for good measure, since being able to output as many bullets as possible is usually the aim of all ranged characters. Once you get higher level as a gunchemist, fast ordinance will be crucial.

On a side note, the People of the Wastes splat book has a lot of gun-friendly feats and equipment (and where Gun Chemist originates).


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