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Rappan Athuk Map Question

Rappan Athuk Map Question

I am prepping this, and going through the book. While it can be confusing, I have generally been OK navigating this. I am going through the 5E book, and it seems that The Tunnels of Terror map, Level 0E, Dungeon Level 2, Map 1 - Room 3 has door going nowhere. Every other section I have seen looks to go somewhere and refers you to where, this one just has a door, but no location. Does anyone have an edition that corrects this?

Just to make sure we're talking about the same room, cause I have an old Ed...this is the My Reflection room? If so, are you talking about the white rectangle on the southern wall? You may want to read the room description. It says what it is, and it isn't a door.

As to not spoil anything, I won't say what it is.

Fair enough, and that was exactly what it was, I definitely read the description, but on the 5E variation it isn't a white rectangle, it is the exact same icon they use for the door, hence the confusion and trying to find out where it is supposed to go. Thanks for clearing it up. Very much appreciated.

I bet it does. I cannot decipher the "side view," but the actual "To XX" is more than enough for me to get by. Of course, I can always improvise as well.

I started to built a Sketchup model of RA, and then got to The Bloodways...

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