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Going Gestalt mid-campaign

Gestalt + Spell Points is a bit of an edge case, since they're both alternate rules. See how your GM rules your spell point pools.

Stacking, can be used for either class's stuff (like Power Points)? In that case, Bard//Sorc is better than it would be without spell points, since you have more versatility and can power Bard's relatively more powerful spells (Heroism as 2nd level instead of 3rd, for instance) with Sorcerer's greater number of spell points.

Separate pools, can only be used for their respective abilities? Bard//Sorc is basically the same, though you'll have fewer spells per day overall and more versatility on which to cast.

Take the best pool, as this is gestalt? Markedly worse, to the point I'd recommend you don't combine classes with spell pools because so much of the second class is "going to waste".

Yes, Hexblade is a d10, full-BAB class - the arcane Paladin, if you will. It doesn't have a massive amount to recommend it, actually, but it's OK for the first few levels (Mettle and Cha to saves vs spells are nice) and any full-BAB class can just grab a big weapon and go to town at the low levels anyway - plus it sounds like the player has a bit of a plan, so who knows how that's going to work out?

If Bard and Sorcerer pool spell points then the combo becomes a little more attractive. You're still limited in terms of the level of the spells you have available but if you can use Sorcerer spell points to fuel Bard spells it's almost like being a Sorcerer with the Bard's spell list (not quite, because you're three whole levels behind on Sorcerer). Still not quite the same as being Sorcerer as a primary, but gives you a fair bit of flexibility.

Yes, the UA spell point system is horrid in design. In order to scale your spells for range, duration, dice up to your level, it will cost you a large portion of your daily ability to cast spells to pay for this scaling. I did the math years ago, and it's worse for sorcerers than for wizards. I believe if you just automatically scale every spell to your CL you'll cast something like 34% fewer spells daily than the standard slot sorcerer.

You could run something simpler by him that I do instead to avoid this. Using the psionic scaling of cost per spell level of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 respectively. Simply convert spells owed on your class chart, and the bonus attribute slots you are able to cast based on your casting stat from that chart into the amount of SP owed for each chart. Bam, you have spell points. Keep spell point pools separate for each class, auto-scale for free so every spell is cast at your Caster Level. Simple as can be.

Under spell points, you only need to spend extra points to increase the damage of damaging spells (which deal dice of damage). Apparently, blasting spells were the big risk here.

That means that for anyone except a blaster, it's not an issue. You're also gaining a great deal of flexibility this way. As I recall, it does favour Wizards because effectively you become a Sorcerer each day with as many spells known as you would have had spell slots under the old system - except you never need to prep the same spell twice, and you can swap those out each day as normal. You basically just become a more flexible Sorcerer with more spells known.


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