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MW Fantasy Football 2019

So that is 6, possibly 7. I think the minimum should be 8. Anyone else interested?

How soon do you need to know? I'm potentially interested. Was too busy with baby last year and may be busy with a toddler this year, but not 'as' busy.

Hey, welcome back (even if you don't have time for MWFF).

Thanks, man

Busy with the baby but she's a bit older now so Hammie can occasionally post now.


HAMMIE! You're back!!!!! Welcome back man!

I know this is 100% the wrong thread for it, but what are you up to lately? Looking for some games? How's the baby? Where can we chat that doesn't break the rules for posting off topic?

I suppose that I could try one of your OOC game threads. I have vacation pictures of her that are pretty cute.

Hard to believe it's that time again already. I'm definitely in, plus I have a title to defend! The MW "game" for the league is open again, if people want to join there for more fantasy-specific conversation.


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