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October Challenge

Originally Posted by Disaster View Post
Too bad you specified such a small village, I'll keep my eye out for a challenge like this for a village of around 1000 people.
I had a few ideas (NPCs, in particular) that I would have liked to include, but they were only suitable for a larger settlement. However, many ideas can be adapted and I found that this plot hook and the details that evolved from it were far more intriguing than any of the ideas with which I started.

Originally Posted by Disaster View Post
I'd have modified the larger one I have, if only my last assignment for the year was not due this weekend.
Such is the way of things, my midterm assignments began after I had finished my entry, thankfully.

By the way, yours is very good.
Thank you.

Not to sound overly impatient, but are we going to see the November challenge soon?


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