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The 2019 Memorial Thread

Cant believe we missed this. RIP, Bill Buckner.

Paul Darrow, the actor that played Kerr Avon on "Blake's 7" has passed away. One of the best antagonistic characters in all of TV sci-fi.


Been trying to get onto M-W for over an hour to mention that.
Indeed, Paul will be missed greatly.
And Big Finish is down another vintage star.

I don't think there's a full confirmation yet, but James Mathe is reported to have died this past weekend.

A lot of you are probably wondering who the heck that is. He was a game designer and publisher, quite influential in the gaming Kickstarter community, did a lot to help designers and publishers learn their craft and share useful information. In recent years he was probably best known for running various Facebook groups for game design and publishing (and his sheer ferocity in keeping them on topic).


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