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Migrating a game

Migrating a game

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Message: ShockHelix received a message from the site:

"You've got quite a few thread groups, you may want to reconsider how you're structuring your game, or splitting it out into multiple games if you have more than one group of players."

So ShockHelix and I are hitting a barrier here regarding too many Thread Groups and have decided to divorce the games from each other. Not a problem. Time consuming and stupid limitation, but not a problem. The problem is, that I have content I need to recover from ShockHelix's game threads, with no visible means of migrating between games.

I have experimented before with the "download" thread option. It changes dice rolls, it changes generated seeds, it just doesn't work as I expected it.

How do I fix this? I just need to recover the one prologue thread. Or need the site to relax its restrictions on threads of two related groups. IE, is there a way to remove the limit on the number of thread groups? I've been a member of several games with dozens of thread groups ala any Adventurer's League game.

Do you need to copy the threads or move them? A staff member can help with either. Just provide links to the threads in question and describe what you need done.

As to the limit, it is in place because all of the game-related tools are designed around the idea of a game having a certain amount of related players, sheets, threads, threadgroups, etc. Greatly exceeding those assumptions has negative consequences for various server resources, and can result in odd or unexpected behavior when using features such as sheetdice.

The Adventurer's League and a few other groups have special dispensation to bypass these limits, due to their clear use case as chapters of gaming organizations. If you have a similar use case, I'm happy to consider it.


Would a choose your own adventure game with multiple sometimes conflicting universes count as a similar use case? It seems to me that, that is by definition what adventurer's league is. Multiple conflicting universes with differing interpretations by different Game Masters. Two game masters in agreement over how a game should proceed is by definition a gaming organization. So under that interpretation, it is similar.

As intended ShockHelix Creates a headcanon, using that headcanon I create a subset of fiction for Universe 2, a closely related universe. Set during a time similar to the Time of Troubles, there is already an existing framework to do exactly this. With 2 GMs it is no longer an issue with recursion and simply requires precise note-taking to keep the universes separate.

However, it's not really feasible to accomplish with 2 separate game threads. The divorce of the two would make too real the rift between the related universes.

Assuming deliberation takes a while. I created a new game thread. Please move these two threads to their respective locations. Thank you for your time.



New Game Thread:

Moved. Sorry, previous weekend was a bit of a bear, I read the request on mobile and forgot to get back to it when I was at desktop.

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