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Site slower than normal?

Site slower than normal?

My Browser Information: Firefox 64.0 (64 bit)

Location: California, USA

Message: Not entirely sure this is just me as some of my friends have noticed it at times but has the site been getting slower and slower over the past week? I'll open up new pages/tabs and it'll be anywhere from a few seconds before they start loading to nearly a minute at times. At first I figured it might be related to back ups but now that I'm paying attention it seems to happen sporadically throughout the day.

I'm not seeing anything in the logs to suggest there's been any slowdown, so it could be a network issue somewhere in the middle.

That said, is it specific pages or just sorta anything?

Sorta just anywhere on the site. The only other site that seemed to also have issues was pinterest which had a different sort of issue where the page would load but the extra stuff that loads on scrolling or saving pins wouldn't work unless I ctrl f5ed the page.

Since it was happening for a few days and no other sites had the same issue I went ahead and posted this topic though since then I've also restarted my laptop in the off chance it's that and because a different program needed a restart. Just feels like more than two sites would have been affected if it was my computer. I suppose I'll keep a look out and try to get specific times if I see it happening again.

I've been also experiencing this on and off over the past few weeks. All other sites in my browser tabs continue working normally while MW stalls.

Next time it happens I'll try routing my connection through a different country to see if that makes a difference. Are MW servers located in the States?

As it happens for the past three minutes I experienced the slowdown (it's gone again for now). I tried routing traffic through a couple of different countries with a VPN provider, but that didn't make a meaningful difference. A couple of times the page loaded after switching connections, but then the next page load stalled again.

This is on iOS with Safari.

We're hosted in Virginia in the US.

I still don't see any page generation time spikes/bumps, but that points to it being a network issue at or near our AWS infrastructure.

Seems like a latency issue more than anything. When the page finally connects it loads super fast, but the actual connection takes forever to establish.

Yeah, originally I was thinking it might be something that's included on every page but is loaded from a separate location, like maybe the Google Site Search at the top - the browser has everything it needs to render the page, except that one thing it's waiting for.

I’ve been experiencing several lags the past few days as well. Refreshing the page has been especially slow

I have had similar issues, and talk with a few friends on discord that also have experienced issues. It has been mostly friday and today.

I am in Chrome at work and Firefox at home, use two different computers and two different ISP. Both in Ohio.

I first noticed and loaded external pages without issue, so I do believe it is when trying to ping MW specifically. Though I work for an IT company and understand it could be hosting or an intermediary, and not the site itself. Since I don't think anything huge was recently done, it is very unlikely the actual site is a problem. Let me know if I can help with anything.


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