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Feature request: style toggle

As someone who tends to use pretty elaborate post formatting in games, I wholeheartedly support this venture! I would bake you guys encouragement cookies, but y'all just have to get virtual hugs instead. To be perfectly honest, I'll just end up doing the bulk of things manually still I'm sure (I'm dumb like that) but it would be a godsend when it comes to the mid-post stuff like speech colour.

To help people in the meantime, I may recommend using Firefox as your Myth-Weaver browser. I use Google Chrome generally, but I always do my MW on Firefox because you can do some things like bold (ctrl+b), italicize (ctrl+i), and underline (ctrl+u) font with key commands.

Aaaaaand I just realized the way I implemented this is dumb and I need to redo it. Might have something later today.

Think I've got it working, CS members only at this point. The link to manage your macros can be found on this page: http://www.myth-weavers.com/profile.php?do=editoptions, under 'BBCode Macros' and after you save them, you can use the dropdown on the quick reply or full editor to use them.

[bold]This is super awesome! [/bold]
Edit: Hmm. Something didn't work with the bold?
This is what the macro produced:
[color="darkgreen"][bold]This is super awesome! [/bold][/color]

Okay. I thought they were interchangable for some reason. Thanks!

Is there a way to insert a variable into the 'Option' field that calls the sheet ID attached to the game?


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