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Any Way to Revert a Sheet to a Previous Save?

Any Way to Revert a Sheet to a Previous Save?

When I'm not at home I typically use my kindle to view my character sheet. When I loaded it up earlier, I guess it had resubmitted whatever I had entered the last time I used my kindle, and erased all the information that I had updated on my computer. So I'm wondering if there's a way to Revert this save so that we don't waste a bunch of play time re-doing our entire character sheets.


Not at the moment, sorry. This is a feature I plan to introduce for Community Supporters within the next month or so.

It erased all my info as well. This shouldn't be a community supporter feature, but a basic/fundamental feature :/

Plus, a ton of stuff starts as community supporter features that eventually becomes standard features. We community supporters just happen to make for a good test group.

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