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That is, of course, when the bonus is in fact tied to attack x, rather than circumstance X wherein one normally has the opportunity to execute attack x (the example case, for instance).

Originally Posted by Crossroad View Post
Character in question is a Human Fighter, advices in shifting feats are also welcome.
Mobile Challenge, Reaping Blade are some that I could find. If you want to really shift @Paragon, get a Predator Druid

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Use the force Letho.

I had completely forgotten about that XD... Awesome as always, too bad 4e doesn't have an SRD...

Originally Posted by Crossroad View Post
Hmmm... Okay, re-confirming my case.

Everybody Move (PHB3), causes all enemies in Close Blast 3 to be pushed 1 square, no attack roll. Does it work with together with Rushing Cleats (close or melee attack)?
Hmm... I believe it wouldn't work. If the header of the power says attack, it is, but in this case it says Utility.

Originally Posted by Tedronai View Post
got a page number on Everbody Move, or the relevant text, or even class/level?
Everybody Move is a Skill Power tied to Intimidate. You can find the details in PH3 on p172. Skill Powers are Utility Powers designed to leverage your training in a given skill.

I'm with Letho on this one: Rushing Cleats don't work with Everybody Move. You're not attacking; you're using your menacing presence to force everyone back a step.

Agreed. It's not an Attack Power, but a Utility Power, and thus is not an attack.

Tedronai wins the cookie. Utility powers are never attack powers.

Mmm, then Daily stances or zones that give damage or whatnot without attack rolls are not Attack Powers, either?

PS: Looks like it's turning out not to be a Quick Q&A after all...

EDIT: Header? There is a Header? +slaps forehead+ I probably skimmed past those... I'll recheck. Thanks.

Next to the name, it says let's say, "Unstoppable Advance Fighter Attack 1". It says attack, even it is a stance, so it is an attack.

Edit: IMHO.

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