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Well, that's because your party has rouges. What do you expect from cosmetics? They're designed to disable MINDS, not TRAPS.

As for solutions, I recommend copious low-level Summonings as a semi-effective stopgap measure (resource-intensive, ineffective against more advanced triggering systems that discriminate targets or auto-reset)

rouges...... I'm now imagining walking blusher pots in a dungeon.

We are usually in urban quests not dungeons so our rouges never saw use in the disable device skill, the main rouge has most ranks in bluff and tumble and is the main damage of the party with full invisible blade, the skill monkey that ussualy does our traps left a few months ago.

That still leaves your party with a cosmetic problem, of course it worked better on urban quests, rouges are barely useful outside that.

Take 20 + 4 ranks + X (Int Modifier) + 2 (aid) + 2 (MW Tools) = 29+

What's the problem? If the rogue takes her time it shouldn't be a problem. *shrug*

can't take 20 on a check with negative consequences for failure.

Doh! Well... there's still a slim chance of success for them regardless... perhaps a hard lesson learned for the rogue?

It still stand with say a 16 Int they're going to have a +11 on the check... so a 14 or better will get a 25. Granted it's not what it should be for a dedicated rogue in the party but it's better than nothing.

Originally Posted by Ryfte View Post
Granted it's not what it should be for a dedicated rogue in the party but it's better than nothing.
That's the problem, what they have is a dedicated rouge

~D&D 3.5~

Does Freedom of Movement overcome the movement effects of Grease (i.e. the balance checks, reflex saves, half-movement, etc.)?

My gut says yes, since it allows the target to "move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement". It explicitly works against Solid Fog and Web, both of which target an area rather than the character, similar to grease.

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