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Is this just a generational gap?

I'd argue we do have time, though. If we have time to post endless, misleading memes and retweet dubious "facts", we have time to read a few articles for comparison's sake.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post
That would presume that there was a 'truth' era to begin with. If there was, I do not believe it to exist within recorded history.
No, it's the post-truth era, not the post-(truth era); that is, the era of being after truth, not the era after the truth era. It does imply that there was some truth, somewhere in the past, but not that there was necessarily a whole era dedicated to it.

As much as it's a buzzphrase at the moment, though, and as much as disinformation, bias and propaganda are nothing new, there does seem to be a trend right now towards not caring which I don't seem to recall in the past. Before, people would lie, but other people would also be indignant if that lying came to light (even if they weren't actually surprised). Now it seems as though there's a surge of people choosing to believe whatever they want because, hey, facts shouldn't dictate our opinions to us!

I'm not sure how one could measure that; maybe it's just the fact that one of the most powerful nations in the world knowingly elected someone as President who speaks categorical and blatant falsehoods a sizeable portion of the time.

i have the same kind of argument with my father. he watches the news and believes everything they say and supports the same attitude about reported issues. and that pisses me off! but i figured out it is just a waste of time and nerves to try and change his mind. i guess nowadays you can find citations and proof for any kind of fiction told on TV and it makes it impossible to get to the truth.
and as for the world getting better, i think that we more often hear about bad things happening. it's quite rare for people to report smth good really, we rather take it gor granted and tend to discuss negative issues because there is something to say. and mb that's really part of the human nature


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