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I miss the old conservatives

No, I'd rather have politicians that can at least in theory be voted out of office for their failures rather than entrenched unelected bureaucrats running the show while paying lip service to random people.

I wouldn't mind that myself, that's sorta the point of limiting there time in office, to keep them form making there removal as ridiculously hard as it's become, and make doing so more effective.

Perhaps make it so that the unelected bureaucrats can only have government positions for a certain number of years before they must find none government employment somewhere for a period of years? Might be a bit harsh but if you go in knowing about it you can plan for it to keep it form being too bad.

Originally Posted by MonkWren View Post
I dunno, I never really got behind voting for open racists and misogynists.
Most of us are disgusted to see people using our values (whether we're talking about the values of conservativism, republicanism, or a particular religion doesn't really matter) as an excuse for hatred and oppression, and would appreciate it if you wouldn't generalize or stereotype.

Forget the Republicans of 30 years ago, I want the Republicans from before they sold their souls to the Southern Strategy.

The problem with "voting for the lesser evil" is that all that evil has to do is convince you that someone is more evil than they are. And bigotry is the easy road to acomplish that, whether it's the evil blacks and mexicans taking your jobs or the ecil commies putting restrictions on your company, or the evil feminists destroying traditional marriage...all they have to do is get you hating the other guy and it doesn't matter how evil they act anymore.

Not everything either of the big parties does is bad, so you look at them both and the platforms of the candidates that are on the ballet, and choose the electable one that best aligns with your ideals.

It's something called the southern strategy. The republicans sold themselves out for the dixiecrats.

While I abhor both parties for acting like two giant coalitions that see each other as enemies instead of human beings that can be reasoned with. I don't know how we'll get rid of the winner take all mentality that keeps many congressmen in office.

Short of a unified referendum from the USA's citizens that somehow circumvents their own legislators.

Last time congress was acting this divicive was before the civil war...

and yes the southern strategy is a part of it, but it wasn't enacted overnight and 30 years ago plenty of congressional Republicans were not a part of it, as well as Republican talking heads etc. Since i was 11 30 years ago, those are the old Guard Republicans remember- people like Barry Goldwater who have since renounced teh Republican Party.

Of course teh current Republicans have gone far beyond the Southern Strategy, including people like Michelle Bachman and the Congressional Prayer Caucus who took the president to task for using the phrase E Plurubis Unum which tehy describe as unamerican despite it is on the Great Seal of the United States.

While civil war was the last time, I really doubt we would see it this time around, unless we had entire army locations switch sides. A few militias with ak 47's is one thing, but we are in the era of the tank and air drones, not the equalizer that was the musket that nearly everyone owned.


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