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Notice about "General Discussion"

Notice about "General Discussion"

We would like to point out that it has been decided against "General [insert topic here] Discussion Threads", and instead each topic should be discussed in a separate thread.

Thanks and discuss on ,


Note though, that we will be closing these debates and discussions as we find that they are 'resolved'. This will be arbitrarily decided, but will usually occur when it's come down to an argument where no side is willing to concede.

Remember you can personally sticky a thread, so you can keep track of it.

Please note also that we may arbitrarily rename a thread if its title is deemed too "offensive" or topical to appear in the forumhome (when it is the most recently updated).

This is a moderation decision and is not intended to reflect admin or moderator opinion of the topic being discusssed.

This is a general discussion form. Note the key word there "discussion". It is hoped (and will be enforced if not) that discussion is carried out in a civil manner, whereby the topic is discussed and not the person (i.e. no ad homenium attacks).

In addition, posting comments like "I am not here to argue, just state my opinion" are inflammatory, pointless, and counter to the purpose of this forum. People found posting such comments will be warned, further violations infracted, leading eventually to a banning from the forum itself.

Please note that creation/evolution discussions are not allowed on this board. Any discussions that segue into this area will have their threads segued into the archive.

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