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Question about setting up a game

Question about setting up a game

Hello all,

I'm fairly new here (relatively speaking), and I was thinking of running a game at some point in time. My question is, is there a way to create and set up a game which only I can access, then open up the access when the game is ready?

Yes! When you create the game, you then set it to private so that only you and anyone already invited to the game can see it. I do that on every game I make because I fiddle with it endlessly until either I think it’s ready or I archive it because it sucks. You can change it to accepting whenever you like.

On he page where you initially create the game, there are three radials for ‘closed’,’ accepting’ and ‘private’. Click the last one before you submit. Otherwise you can change this in the ‘edit game’ tab when you are looking at your new game.

Actually, people usually find games through ads anyway - so even if the game isn't private, it's rare anyone will even know that it exists. And, randomly turning up in an empty, un-advertised game and posting is slightly weird so people tend not to do that. The private option is there, though, so may as well use it if you want it.

Yeah when you create a game it will only be advertised on the game ad thread if you actually go to your game profile and open up an ad for it. (After it is created)

Otherwise it just sits in your personal page

I actually have a private game called notebook where I store some useful info, woot!

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