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Guns in 5e

@thesloth Fair point on Ethan Allen vs. army employment.

And for the OP, I'll second thesloth's points there. When I was a Master-at-Arms (Navy's version of MP, cue hisses and booing from thesloth), we used the FBI statistics on firearm employment vs distance to the target. Someone 15 feet away with a knife will be on their target before the target can get a pistol out of their holster or get a long arm up to fire.

I actually like the Navy a lot because it means I DON'T have to be out there patrolling the oceans. I was never a strong swimmer...

And to reinforce Colin's point, these guys have been studying the dynamics of the use of force for over a decade now:

For example, they've actually been measuring the amount of delay between the eyeball receives the data-the brain processes the data and issues a decision-the hand receives the order from the brain. The physical dynamics of conflict; how a body moves, how a bullet moves, how the brain processes information under stress and how that affects perception. Just lots of fascinating stuff.

It is really surprising how much a person can accomplish in that gap.

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
Well, if thatís the setting, expect guns to be the only real viable weapon people use, like IRL. Probably could keep the same damages similar to melee 5e: 1d8 for a .38, 1d10 for .45 or .357, 3d6 for close range w shotgun, 1d10 for machine gun but many shots. Increase rate of fire for all.
Mind you, this is true only if you want to go for a realistic approach to guns in a setting with presumable dragons and probably fireballs.
Consider that, definitely at somewhat-higher levels, D&D characters start to resemble superheroes (a raging Barbarian at a certain point can reliably survive terminal velocity impact, Hulk-style), and also consider that Cap fights people with guns using a shield, Wonder Woman uses a sword and a shield (okay she's mostly bulletproof but still), Bats uses themathically-shaped throwing daggers, et cetera.
If you embrace that, guns aren't the only viable weapon.

Originally Posted by Viletta Vadim View Post
The more important question is, why is D&D the system chosen for a great war era game, when there are so many alternatives?
I agree with this, though - D&D seems like a suboptimal choice here. There are many systems (e.g. GURPS, Cypher, M&M, the latter two even being d20 systems), all of which are explicitly made to work across different eras.


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