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Can I get a little help from people who actually speak these languages?

Can I get a little help from people who actually speak these languages?

I'm trying to cut down on the terrible Google translations in my setting, especially on languages I use a lot. If anybody speaks a language that is not English that is on the following list, and is able to translate a few phrases here and there, I'd really appreciate it.

Arabic (Called "Marakiziyy". Used in human territories.)
Any dialect of Latin, ecclesiastic preferred. (Collectively called "Draconic". Used by dragons, elves and kobolds. Semi-dead.)
Any Scandinavian language. (Collectively called "Nordic". Used by dwarves. The most terse translation is preferred.)
Any Romance language. (Collectively called "Elvish". Used by elves. The most vulgar translation is preferred.)
Gaelic (Called "Orcish". Used in orcish territories, almost always either squeaky clean and polite or extremely vulgar.)
German (Called "Gnomish". Used in gnomish territories, though it's pretty common in surrounding areas too.)
Greek (Called "West Elvish". Used in, well, western elven territories.)
Japanese (Called "Soheigo". Used in the western Chainlink islands, and on the east coast of the western continent.)
Mandarin (Called "Otherlandese". Used in the otherlands, an alien ecosystem formed in the ruins of the western continent.)
Swahili (Called "Jivu". Originally a human language, used in goblin territories.)
Tagalog (Called "Panlangit". Used on Halfling islands.)
Turkish (Called "Sahil". Used in northern human territories, and what used to be kobold territories until humans got there.)

After all, none of us have a lot of time to either create conlangs for every culture nor do we have enough time to learn enough languages to fill the setting either. Right now we have three conlangs, and we're really dragging our feet about #3, so just using real-world languages to fill in the rest is essential to getting anything done.

Unfortunately, we made a bad choice and chose at least one real language nobody in the world actually speaks that can't even be translated in Google (Nahuatl, though Latin isn't much better), but these are the ones we're using.

Originally Posted by Kakita Ayame View Post
Language tags exist.
And tags really aren't useful on a forum, especially not useful enough to justify the added difficulty when you're typing on a mobile at work.

EDIT: I seem to have misunderstood what you meant. I thought you meant thread tags, as to improve search engine results, which seemed like a bizarre thing to bring up. My apologies.

There is no way to equate real-world languages to fantasy species without coming off... whats the word.
Dude, it's just a placeholder. Can we not do this?

I know that you are asking for something specific. That I can't help you with as the languages I know are not on the list you gave.

Have you tried the Rlang tags? They've got several language sets that do the gobbletygook for you and it's relatively simple formatting:

We have implemented the Risus language translator from Tim Ballew at (Link removed, dead link ), who wrote the algorithm and gave us a copy to adapt for MW.

The format is:


These tags have similar functionality to the lang tags above. However, these tags will use a block of foreign language text to automatically generate a gibberish language translation of your text. You can leave the translation_set out, in which case it defaults to german. Current tranlation_sets are


Can do Greek. Personally, I can't see how different languages (that none at the table understands) add much to a game, but maybe your players like this sort of thing. So shoot me a PM if you need help.

The rlang tags exist for a reason and are what should be used for a MW game. Assigning real world languages to fantasy races has too much potential for people to be upset by what is assigned where, as was illustrated last time you touched this subject.

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