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Guide To Advertising Your Game

Guide To Advertising Your Game

Welcome to How to Advertise You Game

How to Advertise Your Game will teach you how to advertise the game you always wanted to make a reality. With just a few simple tricks you can make your advertisements, threads, and posts look like they were professionally made. You will have the opportunity to discuss tips and tricks to advertising with myself and your fellow DM's.

Who Is Bernos?

I was the creator of several successful advertisements and failed games such as Agents of Sigil and Agents of The Tower. Each of these games got some of the best applications I have ever seen and I would like to help you get the same results. So I decided to make this guide for a friend of mine and all the DMs who have the know how to be great DMs, but lack knowledge in the field of advertising.

If you enjoy the linked ads, and think you might learn a thing or two stick around and at the end of this post there will be a link for you to see the thread guide for yourself. For the rest of this post I will be discussing how to make a good advertisement. You are free to literally copy paste this post and use its formatting for your own advertisement or modify it as you see fit. I hope you enjoy this guide and let me know if you end up using any of the advice I shared down below. If you have any questions or have any suggestions for modifying my guide, feel free to chat with me in the OOC thread in the forum (follow the link at the bottom of this post to get to the forum)

The Advertisement

The Advertisement is all about catching your readers attention and making it appear as though you have put time and thought into your game. Your advertisement should be well formatted, full of pictures, and with multiple sections with useful information for your players to give your them the best experience possible. Each image should somehow be linked to the section your are writing about to link the mood of the image to the content of the text. The opening section should inspire your audience and hook them into reading the rest of your text. The middle should contain information regarding the setting/ lore of your campaign. The end should include character creation information and a call to action.

In the following sections we will talk about how to approach the beginning middle and end of your advertisement in more detail.

The Beginning

The begging of every advertisement should make wide grandiose statements about why your game is awesome. Think about everything you like about your idea and put it in this first paragraph. Make them as excited for your game as you are. Use lots of positive adjectives and try to inspire your readers by making it sound like the game they have always wanted to play.

For example you can even do this with Storm Kings Thunder (A 5e campagin book released by wizards of the coast):

"Storm Kings Thunder will take your on a journey of a lifetime across the beloved Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms. Along the way you will build relationships, explore a living and breathing world, and you will try to solve a mystery before giants conquer the world. In this game you will have a chance to create the character you always dreamed of making in this epic fantasy adventure."

The Middle

This is the meat of your game. Tell us what your setting it, what the story will be about, and hint what kind of character you are looking for. In total the middle of your advertisement should be the longest section and in total should be close to a half page in length at a minimum. Remember that this is just the introduction to your world. Keep the rest of it for the forum so you don't bog down your audience with details.

In all honesty this is the most boring section for your readers by default. Images and short sections help to keep their attention, but they will be tempted to scroll down to where the character creation information is at. DONT LET THEM DO THIS. Keep things interesting with twists in the plot, exciting events, and extraordinary things that exist in your world. Inevitably you will still lose some people to the character building section, but hopefully those people will come back and appreciate the work you did in this middle section.

The End

This is where you will put your character creation information. I have suggestions on what you should include here in the forums, but its fairly straight forward and most moderators know what to include here. It is nice to leave off on a good note so I would suggest putting a personal note below this. Perhaps a small statement like "Lets make this a fun one!" or something longer if you have more to say.

So here is the link to the guide to the forum. I hope you enjoyed this guide to advertisement and let me know your thoughts down below!

Feel free to ask questions here or in the forums! I am totally open to criticism and would love to improve any and all parts of the guide if you have suggestions.

If you want me to elaborate on anything let me know!

For more information on building an advertisement check out @Viletta Vadim guide to advertising found below. She did a wonderful job elaborating some of the points I made here. I found out about it after creating this guide and decided to post what I had made here anyway. I still hope this guide helps at least visualize some of the things she pointed out in her guide and gives you a bit of a template to work with.

Here is a working example for my latest game which has had over 40+ applications in the first five days.

Please feel free to use the format if you like.

@bwatford You’re ad is an excellent example! Thanks for stopping by and offering that format as well! If you want to see what a well organized game looks like check out the forum for the above game.

I usually have too many applicants, and I'm really bad at picking between them. How do I lower the number so that I don't have to make so many tough choices? Should I deliberately make bad adverts so that I never get 40+? That sounds horrible!

@TheFred I would recommend shortening the due date. You want to get the best applicants so you shouldn't pull back on quality, but if you want to get less completed applications, having a short due date will help. However, if its shorter than a week I would explain why you made the decision for a shorter application period.

I aim for games with shorter due dates, because I generally have better chance getting in and I am usually done making an app within 3-4 days of a games advertisement, I hate waiting a month to find out I am not in the game.
@TheFred another good things to do is set up an IC thread for the applicants to communicate with other people. This will allow you to see which people are getting into their characters, how well they post, and also who has the time to post as often as you like. Giving a month to make a character, you might choose someone who applied and can't post but once or twice a week, that can be frustrating for other players and the DM, applicants should be able to post at the DM suggested posting rate.

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