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Post, PM Draft Autosave

Post, PM Draft Autosave

Community Supporters now have a new helpful tool - Posts and PMs will now automatically save and recover drafts. Never lose a post again!

Example Usage: You can start typing a post, close your browser, open the same url, and the post will still be there.

This feature uses your browser's localStorage. Browser support is shown here

I'm rolling this feature out to Community Supporters first, and after kinks are worked out this may also reach the rest of the member base.

Fun fact: This Announcement was 'saved' using this very feature. I closed the page when I found a kink I needed to fix, and the autosave prevented me from having to rewrite it!



Huh. This is revolutionary. I mean, I had an app for it, but this is a really great feature to add. I think every Weaver has at some time felt the pain of losing a long post to a careless click.

Neat quality of life feature for the site. I know over the past decade or so there have been moments I have had the urge to break things due to browser crashes losing things I have typed up.


I. Love. You.

and this new feature of course. Bloody brilliant addition! Now I just need to kick in some support for the community

How does this feature interact with typing a post on a browser where you haven't elected to stay logged in? I can't count how many times I've been using a computer other than my main to type up a lengthy post, clicked submit, and been informed that I was logged out ten minutes earlier.

Does it take a certain amount of time to start autosaving or something? I'm trying it in this thread without success. I tried in the quick reply window and then in the advanced reply window. I typed blah blah blah blah and then closed the window, opened a new window and navigated back to this thread, but the post was gone.

Karsh: It uses browser localStorage, not cookies, so it should save those posts, too.

Ten of Swords: This feature is currently only available to Community Supporters.

That's me! I'm a community supporter.

Edit- My subscription had expired. My bad. All paid up now.

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