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Official Myth Weavers Discord Server

Official Myth Weavers Discord Server

For those of you who have always wanted a bit more real time conversation, or those who remember the Shoutbox and miss it, we have a new option! There is now an official Myth Weavers Discord server, which may be accessed with this link.

If you need just the room code to copy/paste, here it is: Vnbjeju

When joining initially, you will only have access to the #general room until you are verified and added to the MW User group. To be verified, direct message a moderator on the server with your name and email address used on Myth Weavers, and we will verify account details. All moderators are Myth Weavers site staff.

Please be patient with the verification speed! There are only so many of us, and starting out we are anticipating a small flood of verification requests.

Let me know when you get rid of the headache inducing colors on the discord channel. Cheers.

Magrus, have you tried the dark color scheme to see if it's better?

What I was using yeah. Hak and I were ignored, and folks like me the really bright stuff triggers migraines. Really utterly inconsiderate last night to implement some of those. So I left the server.

Originally Posted by Daco94 View Post
Hello how active is this discord???
The Discord has almost 500 users and near constant activity, so... Very active.

Discord has confirmed a major outage affecting the vast majority of users. The server should be back up soon hopefully.

Feel free to follow the status of the problem here:

The Discord is (in theory, hopefully for good) back up! We now know what happens when everyone is bored and waiting: emoji spelling.

At some point during house cleaning, it looks like the original Discord invite was accidentally deleted from the Discord server settings. This has been fixed with a new invite link, edited in the first post. Sorry folks!

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