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Therren Does The YouTubes!

I found myself wondering recently why it is that inquisitors and witch hunters always seem to have the same basic look to them, and not just within the realms of Warhammer games. So I decided to do a little bit of digging and see if I couldn't figure out why and how their unique iconography became so pervasive. What I found was a common thread in pop culture that reached as far back as the late 1920's.

'm doing something a little bit different today, branching out from strictly tabletop gaming videos to Let's Plays. We start this with Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, a dark fantasy FPS by the same people behind DooM.

A couple days ago, while driving back down from a delivery to my store, I found myself thinking on the most savage moment I ever had as a DM.

Today I continue on with part 2 of our play through of Heretic and I've got to tell you, I'm getting a little suspicious of why those flesh golems almost always seem to be hiding behind dark corners...

Lately, thanks to a certain relatively new anime that's become a bit infamous for this, I found myself thinking about how poorly planned tonal shifts can damage and derail the investment in our games. I decided to do an impromptu dive into the idea, comparing it to some recent movies that I feel faltered somewhat because of this issue. And yes, I will be talking about the lessons we can learn about this from the aforementioned anime (which as yet shall remain unnamed) later this week.

Sometimes the obvious solution is right around the corner. Or hidden in a corner. Or visible on your map and you're just too dense to notice.

Continuing on with Heretic, as we finally progress after finding our way, we stumble upon a secret. A potentially deadly secret...

Originally my plan was for today's video to be a recounting of what happened in the game I played with Jimmy around this time last month. However, thanks to not having my notes on hand for fairly obvious reasons, I found myself blanking on some of the details. Instead, I decided to talk about an incident I witnessed and had some minor involvement in a couple weeks ago. An incident that showed that the disease of elitism is still very much alive in this hobby.

Today we delve into our second character build, one that is mechanically far more simplistic than the Dervish, but thematically rich with mechanics specifically selected to reflect that theme. Friends and gamers of all stripes, I would like to introduce you to Shei Ushana, the Acolyte of the Secret Fire.

Today I discuss how and why good communication skills make up the backbone upon which our tabletop games are built. We'll also explore what I believe make up the four major pillars of good communication skills, as well as some ways you can apply those in your games.


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