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@mentions and Quote Alerts

If this has already been covered please forgive me, if I am on my phone (Android, S8) and I get multiple notifications when I read the 1st one the others seem to disappear. Is there a way to re-visit them so I can select them?

This thread is a bit old at this point, a new question occurred to me today that (I don't recall) being addressed, and I don't have a good way to test it out alone.

Do mentions work no matter where they are in a post? For example, will it work if they're inside a spoiler tag? How about an OOC tag? In a table?

I just did some testing (and spammed the hell out of @Eric while I was at it), visible here. One important note, especially using the @username format: Make sure to put a space between the @ and after the username to prevent it from mucking with other tags.

Thanks for testing Colin. It looks like those all worked?

And could you clarify that last part about the spaces? I think I get it, but I'm not positive.

Sure! If you do something like this: [spoiler="test"]@username[/spoiler] and put the @ symbol against a bracket or leave no space at the end of the username with the closing tag, it will muck up the tags.

In the below (same code/formatting as above), the mention doesn't register due to lack of the spaces in the formatting.

While I'm here...

@Colin can anything be done about the fact that starting a new line with a mention seems to - under some circumstance - eat up the previous newline? I'm not sure what exactly triggers it. I tried triggering it here here but failed to do so.

@Cairo does it happen when you are writing in the text box, or when it's rendered in the post? (If the former, it sounds suspiciously like the Chrome bug with punctuation and line breaks that plays havoc with BBcode.)

@Eric Only after the text has been posted - it also does not happen if I preview the message through the "Advanced" text editor, because the preview doesn't yet convert the at-sign into a mention tag.
@Eric I tend to see it when I have more than one mention in the post. Let's see if that does it now...

Yep, that did it!


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