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Play as Cyberpunk AIs.

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Play as Cyberpunk AIs.

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In the dystopian future, the new empires of the world think they run everything. This is true on paper, but in practice the Megacorps seem to be the real global head honcho. That, too, was true until very recently, and then still partially true. No, it is the AIs that now attempt to pull strings--or, rather, entities that'd like to take a shot at it. You are such beings, some still dependent upon Megacorp "parents" and others far more independent. The world very much knows that your kind exist but that does not mean you can't manipulate it. How will you work together and what will you do?

Deadline for joining: May 25th, 2019.

See game rules here.

Character creation guidelines are here.

Game Description:

The year is 2101, many things have changed. Among them consisting a wide array of lines being crossed, be that with human genetic modifications, cybernetics, nanotechnology and true Artificial General Intelligence. Many jobs, including the service sector, now essentially obsolete due to automation. It is a fairly dystopian future, many nations fused into new--highly corrupt--empires, superpowers waxed and others waned, and corporations increasingly gaining more and more influence over them. Which is where you come in, you're AIs in this world.

Tl;dr: This is a game set in a generic cyberpunk setting, where players take on the role of AIs within it. You can be corporate AIs, the "mind upload" of now dead Netrunners//Deck Cowboys (i.e. cyberpunk hackers), and whatever else might come to mind for a type of AI in this setting.

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Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
Okay. This is just too weird to not try out for.
Good to here. Do you have any questions about character creation?

... Interesting.

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