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Into The Disputed Land - An Adventure

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Into The Disputed Land - An Adventure

Into the Disputed Lands - Forum

The Counts of Catrico and Dukes of Kardin have been friends for generations - their families have been closely aligned, married into one another, traded back and forth, and there are ties of family and friendship between the two fiefdoms going back centuries, amongst all the people of both.

That trade has recently been threatened by a collection of bandits calling themselves the Wolf Brotherhood - named for their penchant for using wolves in their attacks, and for their wolf's head banner. Led by a big, tall, monster of an elf, a Druid named Rinthian, the bandits have shut down all overland trade between the city of Rosan, the Ducal Seat of Kardin, and the city Catrico, seat of the eponymous counts. Based on the ruins of an old Imperial fort, the bandits have a strong defensive position, and number approximately fifty members, in total.

But numbers and defenses aside, either the Count or the Duke - or better yet, the two of them working together - could muster the manpower to root them out. Except for the fact that the Duke and the Count owe fealty to two competing monarchs, and the bandits have based themselves in the disputed land between them.

If the Countess of Catrico moves her forces against the bandits, King Ildean of Vancia, the leige lord of Kardin, will see it as an act of war. If the Duke of Kardin sends his men against the bandits, Grand Prince Orton II of Pellia, leige lord of Catrico, will see it as an act of war. In the 113 years since the Sareltine Empire died with a whimper and warlords carved up its corpse without respect for old lines of friendship, culture and trade, Vancia and Pellia have waged three wars for control of the Disputed Lands between their realms, turning a once prosperous region into a land of ruins and ghosts - metaphorically, for the most part. That 3rd war, which ended sixteen years ago, saw the signing of the Treaty of Holisport, which formally banned either Vancia or Pellia from sending more than five soldiers, hired mercenaries or armed retainers into the Disputed Lands at at time - or war would begin anew, and the wealthy Free City of Holisport, as guarantors of the peace, would join the fight against the aggressor. Enough to finally tilt the contest one way or the other, both King and Grand Prince fear.

This has, perhaps predictably, turned the Disputed Lands into a haven for criminals, exiles, outcasts, loners and any other who seeks to escape the sight of governments and organization. There are no settlements in the Disputed Lands, anymore. There is no authority to make them possible.

Which leave the Duke and Countess in a bind. Both managed to mostly sit out the last war, as the fighting was focused on points further west, but if the war begins anew, it will be in their backyard - neither want that. So they've resorted to a more expedient option. The one anyone resorts to when more official options fail them.

Five adventurers - each to be paid 1,500 gold, the cost split between Duke and Countess. Skilled enough to be able to take out the bandits - if not all at once, then over the course of several forays, but not so skilled they'd scoff at the offered price.

Into the Disputed Lands is an adventure I've conceived of, built around a single decently-sized dungeon, the ruined Imperial Fort that the bandits have set up shop in. I have one adventure pre-set, but within the adventure, I have also included four distinct hooks that characters and players could choose to pursue into very different adventures, should we as players decide to keep the party and characters together. Or the party could strike off in some entirely different direction and we'll go from there.

I have a tendency to always create, big, sweeping arcs, even if there is some sandbox within them, and while I still love those, here I'm interested in trying something else. Five 4th level characters will set out on an adventure to deal with the Wolf Brotherhood, and maybe uncover something - or several somethings - interest in the process. The Disputed Lands are of interest to many groups and people, and there's a lot happening in them and beyond them.

The Deadline will be May 21st, 6pm Eastern Time, barring any sort of unexpected events. If I move the deadline back for some reason, I will let everyone know. Applications May Be Posted in the Applications Threadgroup

Game Description:

When the last Sareltine Emperor died, everyone assumed that the result would be civil war and maybe a new dynasty. Instead, warlords broke the Empire into a myriad of successor states that war across much of the known world, as banditry and savage humanoids become greater and greater threats.

Two of those successor states, Pellia and Vancia, have, to try and keep the fragile peace that neither wants, banned either realm from sending soldiers into the Disputed Lands between them. Unfortunately, that makes the Disputed Lands a haven for criminals, exiles, outcasts, rebels, loners and worse. And trade must still cross this stretch of territory, one way or another.

Predictably, bandits have been attracted to this trade - and now, to keep the peace between the realms, Adventurers have been dispatched to the ruins of an old Imperial Fort, Fort Falcoth to drive the Wolf Brotherhood from their strangling position on a critical trade route.

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Originally Posted by theredshirtwholive View Post
Ooh, this sounds like a really interesting concept! I'll definitely drop something in-you had me at "sweeping arcs."
Just to be clear, this isn't a sweeping arc. That's the central approach for me - tossing aside big massive sweeping arcs for a more adventure to adventure style.

It seems to be working. You've got 2 pages of applicants.

Congratz on being the most trending game on the weave right now.

Originally Posted by TheRoot View Post
Yeah, Iwas going to apply until I saw re second page lol. Best of luck! Looksfun
Sorry. You have plenty of time though, and from experience, I can say that by the end of this process, at least 15-25% of those apps won't even have been finished, some not even really started, so feel free to apply if you want.

Originally Posted by TheRoot View Post
Yeah, Iwas going to apply until I saw re second page lol. Best of luck! Looksfun
Don't let the excellence of my application be a deterrent.

Also probably don't use my application as an example of something that's likely to be picked.

Kylia according to her signature likes to burn Icarus' wings off.

Originally Posted by theredshirtwholive View Post
Eh, it'll still be cool. I like a good story, regardless of the format it's told in.
sounds good. I just didn't want you to have the wrong expectations ^^


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