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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Website Typos and Inconsistencies

The last sentence in the "Player Characters" section of "Races in Farland":
In any case, how your race is treated depends heavily on where you venture in the continent of Farland, whether your character goes to or lives in the Liberated Kingdoms of Kale, Kelerak, and Daven, or the Occupied Kingdoms or Zeland, Orland, and Farland.
The highlighted word should be "of."

In the first paragraph of the "Dwarves" section:
They do speak the same language, however the hill dwarves use the Mithhaud alphabet, while mountain dwarves use the Wawmar alphabet.
Replace that first comma with a semicolon, or make two separate sentences. Add a comma after "however."

Dulim culture is very sexual, and few sexual acts that are considered taboo.
Also, "Salystra" not capitalized once in the document.

Crafts section:

in places were such protuberances would have no function.
Religion section:

There are two main high holy days, known as Apartiax and Nepartiax, in the worship of Salystra. (misplaced modifier) Apartiax occurs during mid-summer as known on the surface. At this time that the constellation of the Swan of Tal-Allustiel is closest to Núrion.
Spellbinders section:
Because drow society resolves around slavery and deception, drow perpetually seek to grow better and enslaving and taking advantage of others... Salystra for might on these areas,
html error, campaign journal book 3

What is the supposed screen resolution for farland? I have 1024*768 and I have major reading issues, with the words exceeding the frame of the boxes, getting underneath buttons, etc.

Looks like:

Wow! That is not good. What browser are you using?

Really! Very, very weird. I run firefox, and it looks okay. Anyone else use WIN ME?

Names the wizard as both Rastulon and Bastulon.

Mentions a Galzog without identifying him.

"Thus these night attacks ended for Bakahul, making him feel even more
Should be "impotent."
important and further enraging him."

There seems to be a couple bad links, missing images, and misspellings in the site. The misspellings are most likely carry forwards from the old site and just never caught before. Here is what I have found so far.

On this page in the Spells section, subsection Polymorph there seems to be a bunch of errant html code (&#xa0 &#xa0 ) at the beginning of each line in the spel stat list.

Up towards the top in the Economy section right above the heading Half-Orcs, there is a link to currencies. This has a portable black hole framed and mounted at the top of the page.

If we see misspellings or grammatical problems like a question mark in the middle of a sentence should we just make a list and email you or how would you like to handle those? I can't find the misspelling I saw last night right now. The morning caffeine fix must be wearing off.


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