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Catastrophic Failure

Personally, I know human error happens. And we should all be keeping our own back ups of our data as a matter of course. These are computers we're dealing with!

All in all, while it's a bummer anything was lost, we got off lightly if it was just the sheets, and not any game content. The latter would have been much harder to rebuild/reload.

Thanks for getting the site back up so quickly!

Just bought a year's subscription to help out, and because this reminded me how much that I take this awesome site for granted.

Many thanks to all the staff for their tireless efforts at getting everything functioning again.

Loss of data is regrettable, but it does happen even with the best setups.

To fellow players upset over lost data: perhaps use this as a lesson to learn from. Perhaps an offline copy of character notes or as others have done a breakdown of character build in other posts for creation threads. Though the sheet is gone you'd have the data available for the rebuild

My players are using the chance to tweak skills and such when they rebuild the characters, since it's not like I can remember exactly who had what at what ranks. Things could have been much worse, I'm fine with just having to rebuild characters compared to game post loss.

No losing the sheets was worse, I have all my games stored, I cant replace the sheets of the 15 or so players who 5-7 characters each and this its okay or its not too bad malarky isn't exactly appreciated or helpful.

Just wanna add my words to the support other people have give. Stuff happens. Everyone makes mistakes. At the end of the day, this is a free site that you run because you like gaming and you're kind enough to let us. You and the rest of the staff facilitate a lot of fun, Rigo, and frankly I've made some of the best friends I've ever had on this site.

So thank you kindly for the fun, as well as for the hard work you put in every day (and particularly today trying to set things right) and I'm looking forward to more good times.

Originally Posted by Telonial View Post
To confirm, there is no hope of restoring anything more, correct? Just asking before I start to repopulate sheets.
I would also like to know this. I don't want to touch anything just yet.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
Oh well, sheet happens.
Historically, we can refer to this as the Sheet Happens Incident.

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