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@mentions and Quote Alerts

@noozoo I dont know what the current default is but it should depend on you settings. There may also be an issue with tagging yourself

Testing @Penchant

Interesting. They're all on. I tried tagging others, and others tagged me too.

I received an email only because I was subscribed to the thread. That has always been there.

Tagging yourself doesn't result in a notification - you may also need to resave your settings, as I changed the email defaults.

That worked, for email at least. But I think it's because I was subscribed to this thread. I received a normal email for subscriptions, it seemed like.

I've now unsubscribed to this thread.

Is thread subscription related to @ mentions?

I see. I guess I glossed over it because two of them are Yes then No, and then the next two are No then Yes.

Thanks. If I turn those on, I'll get emails... I'll try them on and see if I like it :-)

What about private messages? Or does it only do emails?

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