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@mentions and Quote Alerts

It won't send you a pm, but you'll get a little notification in the same 'you have a notification' envelope icon


Currently it does not appear to do this (at least for Quote notifications), but it’d be great if the Quote and Mention notification in the top right corner was automatically cleared when I visit the page where that Quote or Mention is located. The assumption being that I have now seen it and don’t need to be notified of it anymore. That way I wouldn’t have to manually go click on the notification to clear it.

@Cairo - I agree! I'm not sure how viable that is with the core system at work (as I didn't write it, I've just been hacking on it) - it doesn't really have real concepts of 'new' or 'viewed' for each individual mention or quote. It really just keeps track of whether or not you've viewed your mentions/quote lists or not since the last one was added. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future though.

Is it possible to link it to the little check box next to the time/date in the right corner of each post? The new ones are always lit up until I've viewed that forum, then it goes away.

I know less than most about how coding works, so just throwing that out there in case it's helpful.

I've never thought about wanting this feature, but in the last couple of days its already proven very useful, so thanks again Rodrigo for all the work you do for the community.

I use the User CP to see what needs my attention.

If a game thread has something new, it is coloured. When I view the new/updated thread it greys out.
If a thread I'm subscribed to has a new post, that's also shown at the top. When I view that new post, it vanishes.
If I'm mentioned, that shows up at the bottom. When I view it... it's still there.

I see you replied above that there wasn't a way to track if we'd seen out mentions/quotes, but are you able to add a dismiss feature? A small X next to each mention that when clicked deletes/hides the mention so it's not there every time we open the user CP?

I like the feature, I just don't like how it's always there in the user CP.

Yes, but every time you go back to your User CP they're there and open again, making me think that there is something new that requires my attention each time.

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