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Forthcoming Changes Mar 3 2018

@PPQ_Purple There will not be any adjustments required following the transition beyond using your email for login.

What this primarily does is decouple the custom work (there is a lot of that) from vBulletin, instead of things being wound tightly through (and dependent upon) the forum system. Additional things are in the works, but we are not yet ready for announcements on those.

Does this mean you'll be abandoning vBulletin completely at some point?
Also, I know you said no announcements but I have to ask will we finally get superscript and subscript in some way at some point in the future?

@PPQ_Purple It means we could in the future, but there are no plans to do so at present. @Rodrigo will have to answer the superscript and subscript part.

@CharmingSatyr - No. Private threads are tied to user unique, numeric, non-changeable userid. In-post private tags, however, are based on your username. It's an old flaw in an old system: If there is a private tag for a user with username 'A', and 'A' changes their username to the available username 'C', they will no longer be able to see private tags meant for 'A', and will be able to see private tags meant for 'C' (if any existed). If user 'B' then changes their username to 'A', they will be able to see private tags originally meant for 'A', and lose their ability to see private tags meant for 'B'. This is how username changes currently work, just without the staff intervention.

@PPQ_Purple I don't want to get into too much technical detail, here. The motivations include but are not limited to, moving authentication & authorization to a system designed to share identity across services, supporting real single sign-on rather than the current cookie/session sharing integrations, breaking a monolithic system into the distinct applications it truly is, supporting separate server and dependency environments for each service (so each can be managed and updated independently, due to impending deprecations or end of life of dependencies), gaining the option of easily integrating new services with existing identities, and, yes, gaining the option to eventually upgrade or dump vBulletin (though opening that can of worms is not on the schedule for this year).

If your question was more to why we're moving to email, it's partially to conform to what most other services use for login, and partially due to the implied transience of username - not only is it easily changeable, but it's more likely to change than your email, in general.

As to superscript and subscript, I've added the [sub]subscript[/sub] and [sup]superscript[/sup] tags.
Normal text subscript , other normal text superscript

Is there some limitation in place to prevent multiple people from using the same username simultaneously? A limitation of how frequently one could change their name? And is there some plan for relating private tags to userids instead of names (Which I'm hoping won't require us to look up the specific person's userid)? And to confirm, our emails will 100% remain private behind our userids as they have behind our usernames (this question based on the change of login system)?

Overall, I don't think I'm too keen on seeing people being able to name-change so easily, feels like I'm going to have to make a list of the userids of the people I primarily game with to make sure that they are in fact still the same person (especially the people with a set of numbers in their name that I don't necessarily remember). On that thought, how are, well, all of the old systems we use to communicate going to work now? Am I going to have to PM a userid to make sure it gets to the right person now?

Sorry if this comes off as aggressive; while I totally understand the reasoning behind the change, I guess I'm just rather hesitant on totally accepting it.

edit: and one more question, is there going to be a way to see the list of names somebody has used in the past?

Originally Posted by Sylas View Post
Is there some limitation in place to prevent multiple people from using the same username simultaneously? A limitation of how frequently one could change their name?
Yeah, that. What happens if someone who's on my steadily-populating IL changes his or her username?

Wish everything works well.

And... yahoo email accounts are not accepted it appears... That's an issue for me. I think I technically have a gmail account, but I literally never use it. I believe I understand the reasoning -and overall really dig this site. I know yahoo has issues / yahoo mail. But this ... I'll have to think about what I want to do to adapt.

In general, I am not expecting username changes to be as frequent as the general worry would suggest. Though it's an apples to oranges comparison because changes aren't freely available, the number of username change requests and re-registrations (to get a different identity) combined is extremely small, and they're quite infrequent.

We keep, and will continue to keep, a full log of all such changes, and will be keeping an eye on it as we review the change in policy.

There is, additionally, a username reuse delay, which prevents new users from registering with or changing to a previously used username for 1 year.

@Sylas There is already a limitation in place that all usernames must be unique (the comparison is case-insensitive). There's no plan on username change rate limiting at the moment.

An update for private tags will be a separate release - I'm trying to keep this one as self-contained as possible in the event of an issue. Changing private tags would mean reparsing the entire database of posts to retroactively adjust them, and it's not simple to just roll back from that.

Your emails will remain private as they currently do. They're just used for logging in, and as a point of contact for any thread subscriptions, notifications, password resets, etc.

@AsenRG Anybody on your ignore list remains on your ignore list (and the same with the friends list). That, like the vast majority of things, is based on userid.

@Cleric8092 Thanks for bringing that up - the new registration system is not bringing the restriction on yahoo emails with it, pending review, of course.

Thanks for the explanation and response, much appreciated


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