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Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Organized Play Campaign

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Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Organized Play Campaign

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We are currently recruiting new players for our Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign. (We're always recruiting, this is just a formal announcement as there is an adventure recruiting at this time) This is Paizo's official shared world campaign where you make a character and can play and advance that character through series of short adventures run by different GMs.

We currently have an opening for players for scenario #4, Frozen Fingers of Midnight. You do not have to have played any other prior scenarios to take part in this one. If you do not already have a Pathfinder Society character, you can either make a 1st level character according to the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide or you can play one of the pregenerated characters.

Note: this is for Pathfinder 1st edition. We are hoping to have playtest adventures for 2nd edition in the not too far off future if that is something that interests you.

We also have Starfinder Society adventures that run occasionally too if that is what you are looking for.

Game Description:

The OFFICIAL Myth Weavers Chapter

The Decemvirate Wants YOU!
The Decemvirate Wants YOU!
The ten shadowy masters of the Pathfinder Society have seen fit to conclude your arduous months of training. Through trial (and a great deal of error), you have finally been dubbed "Pathfinders", agents of one of the most notorious organizations in Golarion. You hail from the far corners of Avistan and Garund, and your allegiances to particular nations are still strong, yet one trait unites you all: your insatiable desire to explore the hidden places in Golarion, to recover its lost secrets, and to have your deeds sung for eternity in the pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Officially Sanctioned Organized Play
Officially Sanctioned Organized Play
This game houses the officially registered Myth Weavers Chapter of Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Players and GMs registered with the Society run through Paizo-sanctioned scenarios, with some alterations to the core Pathfinder rules to facilitate and balance organized play. The results of these scenarios are reported to Paizo by the person overseeing the chapter (yours truly). Players can use their PCs in any sanctioned Pathfinder Society event, whether it be at home, online, or at a convention.

A Myth Weavers Game Like You've Never Seen It
A Myth Weavers Game Like You've Never Seen It
If you're a veteran of games here on the Weave, you'll immediately notice that this game actually houses several ongoing games at once. We have gathered a stable of able GMs to run scenarios for our registered players. Each GM has control of his own game (within the limits of the Rules & Guidelines), but ultimately reports to the Venture-Captain. More players can play at once than the average PbP game, and there is no application process. As long as a player has a street-legal Pathfinder Society character, he/she can join up! When a GM calls for a Muster for his scenario, it's first come, first served.

So come be part of something larger, something different, and something ridiculously fun! Help Pathfinder gain a strong foothold here on the Weave!

This space intentionally left blank.
Definitely interested in SFS. I really want to play through some of the repeatable scenarios and campaigns to diversify my SFS characters.

Originally Posted by Mister Doctor View Post
Definitely interested in SFS. I really want to play through some of the repeatable scenarios and campaigns to diversify my SFS characters.
Feel free to check into the Waiting for Game thread and ask if someone is willing to run an SFS game.

As far as I can tell, Unchained Classes (Rogue, in my case) are allowed in Pathfinder Society. Can I get a definite yes/no?

I'm looking at Season 10, and The Concordance is an allowed faction, do I have this right?

My PFS number is 11277.

I've played in several PbP games on the paizo site, but not this one. Are the PFS game recruitment ads posted on the same area as the other Pathfinder ads (link to Pathfinder game ads)?


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