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(space) Miner Problems

(space) Miner Problems

The main query of this thread is, 'can a person not in a ship survive starship scale speeds (acceleration)?' The reason im asking is as followings.

Im in a game where we're playing corporate slave (criminals sold by empire to a corporation) space miners. We paid off our sentence and decided to accept a contract extension to become actual employees cause of the galactic job market and stigma that comes with a criminal record etc (though we'll probably go our own way after an arc or so depending on how the story plays out and when we can buy ownership of our ship and a hyper drive for it).

I wanted to invest some of our recent cut of the profits (and gambling proceeds) in some modified DP-2 Probe Droids from pg 82/83 of scavengers guide that can at least move starship scale.

They also have other good benefits but one of the things i'd use them for would be to serve as tugs into and out of things like thicker asteroid belts that a bigger ship cant go into without taking lots of damage. As well as other situations, ex: so the ship can drop off team 1 at location a, move to b and drop team 2, etc etc and then all meet up together at the end nearby in safer space.

Since im a space cowboy that loves jetpacks and was the suicide asteroid jockey to begin with, i'd be using a flight suit merged with a space suite as my outfit (per modification rules) but what to pair with that is the problem. Initially I was thinking a cable and body harness system and jolly jumper with my pistols at the ready through space (though if I still do that I might be going for something like a tow pod instead). Im petitioning for other creative ideas/input/suggestions as well. ex: a single recessed seat somewhere on the body of the droid (probably near the back).

If you've got explanations of why certain concepts wouldn't work or would likely cause incidents/accidents that I likely haven't considered feel free to let me know.

Speeds, yes, absolutely. Speed itself is relative - if I put you in a black box and knocked you out, when you woke up you couldn't tell if you're standing still or moving at 0.9c. What's more, as long as you have no external reference point even the notion of your speed is meaningless.

Acceleration is a nastier beast. Acceleration is what flattens people. If you've ever been in a rapidly accelerating car, you'll know the feeling of being pushed into the seat. So what you should worry about are takeoff, landing, and taking turns.
A ship (assuming normal physics) may have some measures to soften this effect, but not by a significant margin.

This is all assuming open space. If you're in an area with loose rocks or atmosphere, the speed with which you come at the rock or atmosphere (or it at you) will determine how hard you get hit, and a ship tend to have thicker, therefore more robust, plating than a space suit.

So you're going to take a probe droid and turn it into a single-seat spacecraft? Presumably no life support.

I'm inclined to look up dimensions for early Soviet command capsules and the Gemini command capsules since those, IIRC, also required the -naut to be in their space suit. That would require a lot of work, though. According to reality the real problem would be gravity and having enough oxygen for the trip, but all of that is boring. It sounds like a cool idea and my only concern is that it encourages splitting the party.

Personally I would do some kind of fixed seat inside the probe droid. Like you're using the droid chassis as a shell and scooping out most of the internals to make the tiniest, most cramped cockpit ever.

Bonus points for using a Small-sized race.

Ikul - Yeah im hoping between the ingame mechanical bonuses from a flight suit (immunity to high velocity fliying) combo'd with a space suit (24 hours life support / more resistance etc) and being descriptive I can avoid the acceleration factor. It'll probably make for some good rp too.

Rave - Initially I was thinking of effectively just parasailing behind it like the probes a speed boat with a cable attached to my body harness but that also sounds incredibly reckless when I consider things like sudden slow downs / maneuverability etc.

Thus yeah adding a secure seat to the thing sounds like the best option. Though I kind of like the visual of it being an even bigger super charged jetpack cause 6-10 uses before refueling sucks. xD

Just have to make sure to bump up the strength if necessary so it can fly with me in atmospheres as well and i'd be pretty set. Could do covert planet drops if I further upgrade it with sensor baffles etc and call in emergency evac when I want to leave a planet and cant take the time to get to the port. Assuming my signals not jammed.

It really depends on what sort of acceleration the rules say the ships can pull. If the ship descriptions involve inertial compensators, then you really don't want to be outside the vessel when it accelerates. Like Ikul said, paste.

It seems like moving into/through an asteroid field you wouldn't want to use the droid's full acceleration capabilities anyhow. You don't have that much space.

As long as the ship you're in has done a decent job of matching the velocity of your target asteroid and moved you relatively closely to it, you just need to accelerate enough after you leave your ship to have a decent overtake rate. And if the ship then matches rough course for the asteroid and accelerates to a position ahead of it, you just detach and accelerate a relatively minor amount. Especially if the ship decelerates below the asteroid's speed as you detach so you're already moving faster than the pick up ship.

Hrrrm, looking at Wookieepedia, it doesn't look like inertial compensators (also called acceleration compensators, and Star Wars' analog to Star Trek's inertial dampeners) were ever described in canon or legends being in something smaller than a fighter or airspeeder.

There are no rules for this in SWSE, so it really is up to you and you GM to work out. Note that in the prequel movies, buzz droids are able to remain attached to the exterior of a starfighter in combat conditions.

I think Michael has the gist of it- it's Star Wars. Cool always wins over physics.

dman - Well the droid I was thinking/talking about is pretty much classified as both in the statblock....

DP-2 Probe Droid
Large starfighter/ground vehicle (speeder)


As for actual speed details~
Speed fly 12 squares (max. velocity 575 km/h), fly 3 squares (starship scale).
Now to figure out what starship scale translates to~


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