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Shadows of Baine

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Shadows of Baine

Shadows of Baine - Forum

Baine is a majestic and massive city. Wizards have ruled the city as far as anyone can remember. Baine is a city powered by magic, after the discovery of "Aeril" a strange mineral giving the wizards, the ability to use magic beyond people wildest dreams and imaginations. Food is grown magically, the skies are controlled with magic keeping it clear at all times.

It's a golden age for the mageocracy of the Dynasties. At least, so they think. The Mage dynasties have the monopoly on Aeril and each of the 13 dynasties rule the city as semi-autonomous nations. The non-magical population leaves in constant fear of the mages. In the ghettos, Blood Mages have returned to the city and are bringing back the art of Blood magic to fight against the Wizards.

But underneath it all, a new group has come, the Talents. They are born with powers that no one quite understands and can accomplish feats that sometimes even dwarves the powers of rituals and Aeril. There are many theories of why the Talents came to be but no concrete answers so far.

Officially Talents are illegal and often captured/imprisoned for their "own protection". Unofficially, the Talents work for Wizard families, bloodgangs, wealthy merchants, thieves, revolutionaries, and maybe even one of the few remaining clerics in Baine. Those individuals are known as "Ghosts" and are adventurers are heart in a city, trying to put them down.

Whom can you be?

A Blood mage ghost trying to overthrow the government, a runaway Wizard from a royal family or most likely you are one of the Talents or maybe simply a rogue trying to make some money.

The main idea is that your group are Ghosts and definitely illegal in the eyes of the mageocracy.

You start as a fairly experienced Ghost, so tell me about your adventures and goals for your character. A new job coming up require talented individuals and you have been assembled to work on the job by a Cleric patron, Midas.

Golarion Default cosmology (Including demigods) can be used but in the city, as mentioned above, they have no major influence.


It's a High-Magic setting to say the least.
Advanced Talents are available but can be only be selected by Talents.
Rituals are available and use the priceless component method with 1 gram of Aeril = 1 gp. Aeril is highly regulated and illegal to anybody except the Wizard Dynastic families.
Rituals can also be used by Blood Mages but they use the Blood Price Method.

Character Creation:

Available sources: All Official Paizo content but this campaign uses the Sphere system by Drop Dead Studios, and it replaces regular spellcasting. Read above and below for more details.

Races: All races are allowed and present in the City. Mechanic wise, no monstrous races (30+ RP) tier for playable races but tiers below are fine.

Starting Level: 6

Xp Progression: Fast

Hit Points: Max at 1st level. Average or rolled after 1st level.

Point Buy: 20

Gold: 16,000 gp, 8800 gp limit on a single magic item.

Traits: Two.

Casting traditions:
It is possible to find various alternate traditions but within Baine in general these are the most common casting traditions:

Talents are those born with innate magic, following their own set of rules. They have no drawbacks or boons. But Talents are the only ones who can access Advanced Talents in the setting (still need to meet the prerequisites of course).

Traditional Magic
The Practitioners of traditional magic are Wizards. Some lead the 13 established dynasties while many Independent wizards work for the city as merchants, craftsmen or even helping the Police.

Blood Magic
Blood mages practice an illegal form of magic, and are mostly found in gangs, thieves guilds, and other places they may
practice away from the reach of city officials. They are generally feared but their numbers have been swelling with many people believing that the Blood mages are the only ones strong enough to defend them against the overreaching Wizards.

Divine Petitioner
Few clerics are left in the city, as they usually suffer from heavy persecution. Still some clerics serve the people and there is a rumor of hidden religious relics in the city and if the clerics can get their hands on them, it would be a shift in power.

Legendary Talents (Spheres of Might): are available.

Deadline: April 2nd 2019
Party Size: 4 to 5

Game Description:

In the city of Baine, Wizard rules but it's time for a revolution.

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Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
BTW, @Golarionman, what's the cutoff date for apps? I haven't really had the chance to put my app together, but I've got most of the backstory, and a fair bit of the mechanics in my head, it's just a matter of finding time to type it out.
Just wanna second this, Now i see april 2nd

@TeaLeaf the Smart: If you played any games like Diablo or Path of Exile or even WoW back in the days, it's a skill tree basically. You pick an ability depending on your progression. Easier to think of them like feats in general.

@Arklytte: yeah it's at the bottom at the ad, April 2nd.

Originally Posted by Golarionman View Post
@TeaLeaf the Smart: If you played any games like Diablo or Path of Exile or even WoW back in the days, it's a skill tree basically. You pick an ability depending on your progression. Easier to think of them like feats in general.
Actually, that's a pretty good explanation. I might have to swipe it for my own Sphere games.

@TeaLeaf the Smart: The short version is, you 'pay' a talent for access to the base sphere. That gives you whatever the basic abilities are. You then 'buy' additional talents from that sphere which modify the base ability. There's obviously more to it, and those links I posted can help with the nuts and bolts, but @Golarionman is right, it's basically like a skill tree.
@Arklytte: yeah it's at the bottom at the ad, April 2nd.
Awesome! Thanks. I apparently missed that. My apologies.

Thanks all, for the quick low-down on spheres. I get the idea, and will look into the details now. It actually reminds me quite a lot of the system in Final Fantasy X, IF any of you played that, too.


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