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Creation Needs Your Help!

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Creation Needs Your Help!

The Glorious Five Dragons - Forum

I believe the reason this premise failed me in the past because of a lack of transparency. With that, potential player, let me tell you what you are in for and what I except...

I'll start with the characters.

I need a Dragonblooded of each element. Each one hailing from one of the backgrouds for in-universe representation and to show even when the Dragonblood are seperated, they are still united against those who would see Creation destroyed. Ideally, I would also like each element to be from the background that represents it best and I know that's very subjective.

Currently, I'm thinking the Dynast, Earth. Lookshy, Water. Forest Witches, Wood. Prasad, Fire, Outcaste, Air. Completely debateable at this point

This will be a heavy Martial Arts inspired game. Therefore. you will start with up to the Form charm in your Elemental Style for free.

You will gain an Artifact weapon for your style with custom Evocations created by the two of us. These are very special weapons and that's what the first adventure entails.

You will gain Power Armor remisicent to Armor of the Immiculate Dragon but with that little something extra. Namely some more custom Evocations

You will gain a tailor made Warstrider. We're going big here folks.

You will gain a Manse of operation. Yes, this will include hearthstones for everyone.

You will gain an Airship and it will be awesome.

You will start with a Sifu that has taught all of you their Elemental style and is, in fact, a Sidereal. He has seen your potential since you took the Second Breath, trained each of you and now is bringing you together for the next step for a higher purpose.

I think about covers that part. For those that made it through all of that, you have probably figured out this game is inspired by Super Sentai/Power Rangers, leaning heavily towards the newer comics by BOOM! Studios. This means mature themes and just enough cheese to please any refined pallette.

More specific character creation will be in the forum.

This game will go all over Creation and beyond. It will start small by Exalted standards and quickly expand.

There will social/policital intrique due to the nature of Exalted. A bunch of young, rising Terrestrials are going to draw a lot of attention from a lot of people, monsters, Exalted and gods, making allies and enemies alike.

I except...

Heroic but slightly flawed characters. No one is perfect and Exalted definitely capitalizes on that. For as strong as the Exalted are in mind, body and soul..., they're still human. This ultimately a story of overcoming adversary through comradery.


Reliable players. You gotta be in for the long haul, through thick and thin. You get out what you put in. Don't be afraid to express any frustrations. We are both here to have fun, tell a story, roll some dice. If you aren't having fun, what's the point?

Game Description:

Five Terrestrials are chosen from all over of Creation to combat the growing threats of the Third Age.

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The free prereqs for the martial art form charm includes the merits, and ability dots too?


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