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A first for Dr. Who.

And a couple of the real fans became reel fans (OK, bit of a stretch) by casting Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and other classic alumni in their independent audio adventures. BBV eventually got the license to make actual Doctor Who audio adventures and became Big Finish Productions.

We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one - The Doctor

Life long fan of the show, a little too young to go back further than Tom Baker when the show was live, but massive fan of Troughton and Pertwee.

I have to say, I thought that I would be aghast at the decision, saw the writing on the wall and fervently hoped it wouldn't come to pass. I do find as I get older, I get more right wing, and intolerant. Not so much of people. But of stupid people. Or what I perceive to be stupid ignorant people. I hate the fact I have to watch what I say. That I have to self edit before I speak for fear of offending. So the thought of a female doctor to please the whiny few irritated the living daylights out of me.

But then I saw the teaser, and watching the cloaked figure picking their way through the stillness of the forest stirred something deep within my miserable shrivelled heart. Hope. I couldn't help it. The doctor in all his (her? their?) forms has always been more than the show. It's an idea, a dream that a young boy has that whisks him away to distant lands. It's a mythology with so many different interpretations. When the show was cancelled in the 80's I was devastated. I had loved Sylvester McCoy and his irritating cheesy gimmicks. Playing the spoons whenever he could. Had loved Colin Baker and the audacity the show runners had for that god awful coat. It didn't matter that the sets fell apart around them, or that I could create more believable special effects by squinting.

At the end of that era, I went to the books. First the Target novels, then the... interesting Virgin Novels. Blow up the Tardis? Been there, done that. Travelled the universe inside a woman who was also a Tardis? As a teen reading those, that caused a lot of sniggering. Non of it mattered. Because the boy I had been could still have his adventures.

As I got older, and the show came back, (there was more squealing at the announcement than should ever emanate from a grown man), there were niggles. I was older, could critique in ways that 12 year old me never could. Christopher Eccleston? Why is the Doctor walking around in a leather jacket looking like he's about to order a pint? Not keen. Shows that are only 45 minutes long? Where's my year long story line gone? But it was ok. It was the Doctor!

As modern Who grew, there were good stories, and there were bad stories. (The moon, an egg? I would dearly like to castrate the script writer for that one). But as before, for me at least, it's not about the actor, the sets, the special effects or the scripts. It's the IDEA. That keeps pulling me back for more, for good and bad. And keeps me watching re-runs with the kids.

Back to the teaser, a little niggle that the Tardis key just materialised in her hand. A raised eyebrow maybe. But that niggle was gone when when she dropped the hood, I actually felt excitement. Didn't expect that. Not in a million years. And now, just thinking of the teaser, brings a smile to my face. Who cares? The idea is alive, the dream lives on.

And sometimes, when I dream, a 12 year old boy still opens the door of the Tardis and steps inside.

I can't make your dreams come true forever, but I can make them come true TODAY - The Doctor

A four part drama starring Jodie Whittaker is airing on the BBC at the moment; she in fact got the part of 13 while filming this (then kept it secret from everyone bar her agent and her husband (American actor Christian Contreras) for five whole months. Called Trust Me, she plays a nurse who pretends to be a doctor. Yes, the irony has been noted.

She's really rather good in it.

Debut scene occurred tonight in the Christmas Special. You can find the regeneration scene on the BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel.

Don't say that until you see Chibnal's offerings.
Hate to be a wet blanket, but I'm holding out 0 hope of improvement.

Then again, maybe Chibnal will actually be a better show runner than he is a writer. Certainly JJAbrams is a better producer than director.

I just doubt it.

Originally Posted by Skunknik View Post
The moon, an egg?
That is precisely the point I stopped watching. Even several ounces of rum couldn't mitigate that plot.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
That is precisely the point I stopped watching. Even several ounces of rum couldn't mitigate that plot.
Don't forget magic trees that show up to prevent the planet from being scorched by a solar flare (even the buildings that are way taller than trees), then disappear, cleaning up and smoothing out the holes in the pavement where they broke through. Oh, and returning a child who vanished a week before. Because they're magic. And the Doctor has never run into anything remotely like that before.

I'd been saying "This season was so bad I don't want to watch anymore," for 3 or 4 years at that point, but that year actually cemented it more me: a tombstone to my interest in the series.
Fortunately, we have Big Finish Productions Audio adventures, which have less than a 1% failure to entertain rate.

(Oh, and you can get the first 50 for about $3 each. And they have a series of Pathfinder adventures--not $3 each. And they do Blake's7, Sapphire&Steel, and... and... and... oh so many stories.)

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
That is precisely the point I stopped watching. Even several ounces of rum couldn't mitigate that plot.
Let's be frank, it's not like Doctor Who has been anything other than fairly ridiculous since, well, William Hartnell, really. I have to admit, though, that the moon-egg thing was a bit of a low point (and that's putting it mildly).


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