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Ok, my Dead Man / C'Thun deck isn't going to take over ranked or anything, but it sure is fun to play in casual. That moment when they realize you just shuffled a second C'thun and who knows how much more armor into your deck....

I think could do well in ranked. Quest mage would be yuck, but I've seen it only rarely at rank 10 and getting there. U could have the armor for vs priest. Brawls, aoe, etc for aggro. (Brawls for when GulDangerous pulls lotto demons.) Long games, but seems to me could work well. And could afford one or two geists. Though I've seen much more priest, evolve shaman, tempo mage, rogue, than jade druid of late

Ya, I think could work.

I dabbled a bit with a Krulzakkas - highlander Warlock. I had it in mind for a while. Had Crafted Krul and Illidan for it recently. Got a Warlock win quest and figured - alright. Didn't go well at Rank 9. Went down to 10. Ended up in Brawl with Warlock to get it done. (demons and demonfire in that Brawl are interesting. I'm a fan of gnomeferatu... but not in that Brawl. she takes a while, but does end up putting foe (me - was a slog of a Friend Challenge, they also had Reno) into Fatigue)

Anyways. Back to Prince (K), Edwin, and the Elementals - tempo Rogue. Definitely the deck I've been doing the best with. Can lethal Jade Druid before they get rolling (not always, have lost plenty to them and all). Can play a ton of 4 attack minions and refuse to play more than 1 5 attack minion until after DK and beat Priest (def not always). I think I've beat Quest mage... but man it's been a while - so yuck. Back at Rank 9. 3 wins into the 7 Win quest (Total Dominance love that one, esp that can be ANY wins). Good times

[Officially started my gold saving / hoarding for next set since start of this month. Though December release works well with 'anything you'd like for Christmas for you?']

If interested

Back to the start of Rank 10. I may be switching over to Jade Druid at some point. Yuck. Lost to it several times. Priest. Mage. Rogue. Shaman. Everything. Blah. oh well

*Stopped a 6 or so match losing streak with a win in 2nd match (different player) vs aggro druid. hadn't seen it in a while. got out some good minions, spells, and some poison-making (of a minion) in time to get rid of their board. They went Concede after Bonemare on one of two wounded minions cleared their last - and they had empty hand. I'd rather face aggro than control. though takes a good start for me to have a chance vs it w no aoe.

I'm trying the new OTK Warrior I've seen a few places.. Seems interesting.. Hit Leeroy with Don Honcho, play him on turn 10, damage him with either Inner Rage or your last charge of Blood Razor, then play Sudden Genesis to clone him. 22+ damage out of hand.

Ya - that would do it. Don. One of those lingering legendaries. Not great 'straight up'. But a combo piece waiting for other pieces to go with it.

And - back to Rank 9 with

Thankfully I haven't seen Quest Mage in a while (knock on wood, so non-interactional and frustrating to play vs - even when win).

Had a good little run to Rank 8 with this. (And level 57 Warlock.) I think not needing to chain elementals for more value makes it more consistent than my Elemental Evil (though I like it also).

Speaking of Warlock. Making plans to get to a Tavern / Fireside Gathering Sunday the 22nd. I like the alternate warlock. I've always liked Fen Creeper and Bog Creeper and her riding it. Based on their "whimsy" description, surely will be more of that and less stern, grave, 'your soul shall suffer' compared to Gul'Dan. I know the method to get it is not popular. I'm not a huge fan either. Thankfully a Search of Fireside Gatherings found one not very far from me. And on a weekend date. Hope it goes well, works out.

Some 4 attack minions (with some health) to frustrate Priests. Some Taunt, double Defile, Gluttonous (save for possible Mediev plays vs control), etc for aggro. Double Gnomeferatu to fight for the board vs aggro / mid and give advantage vs mirror match or other long game decks. I likes it. Will likely hit a rough patch with it soon, oh well.


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