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A first for Dr. Who.

A first for Dr. Who.

The next incarnation of The Good Doctor will be played by actress Jodi Whittaker. This should take the show in a truly interesting direction. Can't wait to see it.

She played Sam in Attack the Block! I am legit excited about this.

Originally Posted by RedRajah View Post
She was in Broadchurch, which Chris Chibnall wrote & directed, so there's that connection and familiarity as well.

They should've taken David Tennant then. He'd probably make a good Doctor.

Wow. I have to say, I'm quite surprised. All the arguments aside, I didn't think they would actually do that.

I do wish they hadn't announced it, though. It would have been more of a surprise otherwise.

Unfortunately, they kind of have to. The way Doctor Who is filmed, often on major city streets around Cardiff, means it attracts swarms of followers and it would have leaked on social media.

There are two ways this could go:

Hey, the Doctor is female now, on to the next adventure!



Unfortunately, I suspect it may well be the latter.

They've telegraphed this a fair bit, actually, but it's mostly not been that big a deal. The bit when one of the Time Lords regenerated end of the other series felt like a bit of a bad joke, to be honest, but then of course there's been the whole Missy/Master thing.

In all seriousness, there's no reason why this should matter to a society like the Time Lords (as the Doctor explained in one of the recent episodes). And in fact, it's arguably more weird that it wouldn't happen quite frequently, if regeneration means all cells changing their DNA completely. However, that interpretation comes with its own problems, and the truth is that that's never really been fully explained. I'm also not convinced that they won't make a big deal of it in a way which rather undermines any equality angle or that it hasn't been done essentially just for the sake of it or even deliberately to try and be controversial.

There's also a part of me that thinks, regardless of what you think of this specifically, they should maybe have not taken any dramatic moves just as the show was getting good again...

Overall, I'm quite excited for this change. If we just got the 13th white guy, it'd be fine and all, but a change is very welcome. I have the same concern mentioned above. I want this to be the same kind of stories I've always enjoyed from the series, but now it just happens to be that the Doctor is a woman. I also really hope they don't try and shove a Doctor/Bill romance in.


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