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Vindicator Assassin.
+++Theme song+++
Description"Homeworld, Name, Date of Birth... Its all Redacted. It goes all the way to the top, even above the Grand Masters and Lord Assassins, she was sealed by the Lord's of Terra themselves according to the binary trace."
- Unknown

Mind Cleansed Origin
Career Path:
Sell-Steal > Shadesman > Nighthawk > Secluse > Assassin > Death Adept > Nihilator > Imperator-Mortis > Vindicator Assassin
Alignment: Officio Assassinorum
Demeanour: Cold/DistantInsanity:
Minor Disorder: Dead Comrade (Frank)
Serious Disorder: Dead Comrade (Durinhaus)

Ascension: 16
Cybernetic Resurrection: 18
Mind Cleansed Starting Planet: 4
Sole Survivor: 5
Exorcism: 9
All Corruption from any source Halved due to Exorcism.
6 Corruption from Ascension.
Max Wounds:
Homeworld 13
Proved Innocent +1
Excorcism -4
Critical Damage: 0 Soak:
Head-Body-Left/Right Arms-Left/Right Legs
Current Wounds: WIP Fatigue: 0 Fate Points: 2/2
Movement: WIP/WIP/
Can sprint for WIP

20+19 Rolled +3 Proven Innocent +5 Vindicare Career Path.
20 +22 Rolled +20 Advances +3 Proven Innocent +5 Vindicare Career Path.
Cybernetic Ressurection 30 +12 Rolled.
Cybernetic Ressurection 30 +15 Rolled.
Cybernetic Ressurection 15 +19 Rolled +25 Advances +3 Sole Survivor +5 Vindicare Career Path (x2 Unnatural Agility)
20 +18 Rolled +10 Advance +3 Proven Innocent -5 Vindicare Career Path
20 +20 Rolled +20 Advances +3 Proven Innocent +5 Sole Survivor
25 +19 Rolled +10 Advance +3 Divination +3 Proved Innocent +3 Sole Survivor +5 Vindicare Career Path
((15 + 17 Rolled) Halved to 16 + 3 Proven Innocent) Set to 10 -5 Sole Survivor -5 Vindicare Career Path

Basic -- Test at half CharacteristicBarter (Fel)
Carouse (Tgh)
Charm (Fel)
Common Lore (Tech) (Int)
Command (Fel)
Evaluate (Int)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Logic (Int)
Survival (Int)
KnownClimb (Str)
Disguise (Fel)
Interrogation (Wil)
Scrutiny (Per)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
TrainedContortionist (Agi) +10
Search (Per) +10
Security (Agi) +10
Psyniscience (Per) +10
Tracking (Int) +10
MasterAcrobatics (Agi) +20
Awareness (Per) +20
Concealment (Agi) +20
Dodge (Agi) +20
Intimidate (Str) +20
Silent Move (Agi) +20
Shadowing (Agi) +20

Assassin Strike
Chem Geld
Dark Soul
Disturbing Voice
Duel Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Hard Target
Hip Shooting
Leap Up
Lightning Reflexes
Prerequisites: Ballistic Skill 40,

Replaces: Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Sharpshooter

The character’s marksmanship is so developed that he can kill a distant target with a single shot.
The character adds +2 to damage inflicted with ranged weapons, and when he inflicts critical damage with a ranged weapon, he causes a further 4 points of damage. Further, when making a called shot, the character does not incur the normal –20 penalty and suffers no penalties for shooting at long or extended range.
Peerless Marksman
Rapid Reaction
Resistance (Cold, Fear, Psychic Powers & Toxins)
Melee Weapon Training: Primitive
Pistol Weapon Training: SP
Basic Weapon Training: SP
Thrown Weapon Training: All
Exotic Weapon Training: Exetus
Weapon Training (Combined)
• Gain the following Talents: Autosanguine, Prosanguine, Chem Geld, Disturbing Voice, Resistance (Cold), Resistance (Fear) and Resistance (Toxins).
• You gain an in-built rebreather.
• You gain 2 points of Armour to all Locations.
• You may no longer be healed through the use of the Medicae skill.
• You may no longer swim.
• The GM may allow further implant systems. Also, the Magos may do more than augment you; they may tamper with your mind and memories, resulting in all sorts of unexpected and unfortunate side effects.
• Finally, while you retain your approximate size and shape, you are clearly inhuman even at a glance. This may result in a variety of complications as determined by the GM.
Cybernetic Resurrection
With portions of the subjects’ minds left more or less as blank slates waiting to be filled, their re-programmers often use egramatic induction to burn a variety of useful skill patterns directly into the Acolyte’s cortex.

Effect: You begin play with Deceive (Fel) and Intimidate (S) skills. You treat Common Lore (Tech) (Int) and Survival (Int) as Basic Skills. You also begin with the Jaded and Pistol Weapon Training (SP and Las) talents.
Engram Inplantation
• Gain Psyniscience (Per) +10 as the character can sense the movement of the warp around him.
• Gain the Fearless, Dark Soul, and Resistance (Psychic Powers) Talents.
• The character is immune to Warp Shock (see page 238 of the Dark Heresy Rulebook) and halves all Corruption Points gained from any source.
• The character is immune to the mutating effects of Corruption.
All Mind Cleansed Inquisitorial agents have a failsafe command trigger implanted in their minds to prevent them from turning on their masters. Only the relevant NPC (their Inquisitor for example), should ever have access to this trigger, which usually must be delivered telepathically or by a specific sonic cadence (a simple code phrase is usually judged too risky).

Effect: The trigger works just like the use of the Dominate Psychic Power (see page 178 in Dark Heresy). If the trigger is successful, you may be given an order or set of instructions you must carry out to the best of your abilities. However, if the command is antithetical or directly harmful to you, you may receive an appropriate bonus to resist the control.
Failsafe Control
Inquisition mind-scrubs are usually carried out to destroy selective memories but leave useful skills intact. Likewise the mind is often implanted with psychic barriers to prevent tampering, increase mental resilience and ensure loyalty.

Effect: You gain a +10 bonus on Willpower Tests made to resist Fear or attempts to control or possess your mind (psychically, chemically or otherwise).
Imperial Conditioning
The Acolyte has been indoctrinated into the belief that the Holy Ordos are infallable (after all, he was innocent, and his prison branding proves it).

Effect: The Acolyte is immune to any attempts to Charm, Command, Deceive, or Intimidate him into acting against his Inquisitorial masters. If he wishes to act against his own cell or the Inquisition he must succeed in a Hard (-30) Willpower Test.
Assassins are taught to kill swiftly and without mercy. Unlike Death Cultists, a Temple Assassin does not revel in the blood and pain of his victims, but only cares that they are dead.

Effect: If the Assassin kills (reduces to 0 wounds or less) an opponent in his turn, then he gains either a +10 to WS (if the kill was made with a melee weapon) or +10 to BS (if the kill was made with a ranged weapon) in his following turn against a new target. This can continue if the Assassin continues to make a kill each turn up to a maximum of +30 to either WS or BS.
Killing Spirit
Imperial Assassins are trained and augmented to be ultimate killing machines. They exist for this single purpose and so are bred for combat, their minds and meat carved into forms useful to the Emperor and the power of the Imperium.

Effect: This physical superiority grants the Assassin two main benefits. The first is physical perfection which grants him a re-roll on any Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist and Swim Test. The second is a preternatural grace which allows the Assassin a number of extra Reactions equal to his Agility Bonus. These bonus reactions may only be used to make Dodge or Parry tests. The Assassin may still only attempt a single Dodge or Parry against each attack made against him. Additionally, the Assassin may attempt to Dodge any attack, including attacks that are not normally eligible for a Dodge Test, such as massive explosions, a descending titan’s foot, or an invisible psychic attack (The GM should make the final decision on which attacks may not be Dodged, and at his discretion, this ability may not apply).
Temple Assassin
The mind cleansing process has numerous side effects, including an eroding effect on the subject’s sanity and unique dangers of its own for the character.

Effect: You start play with 1d5+2 Insanity Points. At the GMs discretion, certain rare events, individuals and even things like phrases, sights, and smells may trigger “repressed” memories—roll on Table 1-3: Shards of Memory. When this occurs you must pass a Willpower Test or roll on the Shock Table (see page 233 in Dark Heresy)—note that your conditioning and any Talents that resist Fear or Insanity don’t help with this. GM Note: Use this Trait sparingly.
Through a Mirror Darkly
One or more of the creature's Characteristics is unnatural. Each time this Trait is gained, select a Characteristic and double its bonus. For example, a creature with a Strength of 41 normally as a 4 Strength Bonus. With this Trait, its Strength Bonus increases to 8. The Trait may be gained multiple times. Each time, you may select a new Characteristic or one chosen previously. Each time you apply this Trait to the same Characteristic, the Bonus multiplier increased by 1. For example, one selection multiplies the Characteristic Bonus by x2, two selections by x2, and three selections x4. Note ths this Trait does not modify the creature's movement. During Opposed Characteristic Tests, on a success the bonus multiplier is added to the degree of success.
Unnatural Agility (x2)
Best Quality Cranial Armour
Best Quality Subskin Armour
Best Quality Bionic Heart
Synth Muscle
Best Quality Bionic Respiration
Best Quality Vocal Implant
Best Quality Bionic Legs

Head-Body-Left/Right Arms-Left/Right Legs; 1-3-2/2-4/4

Cranial - +1 Armour to the Head location—this bonus stacks with any worn Armour.
Subskin - +2 Armour points to the Arms, Body, and Legs locations, which stacks with
any other Armour points for these locations.
Heart - +1 Armour point to the Body location—this bonus stacks with any armour worn.
Synth Muscle - This implant grants the Unnatural Strength (1) trait.
Bionic Respiration - Act as full life support system.
Vocal Implant - Amplify the vocal cords to an inhuman range.
Legs - Sprint talent, +20 bonus to Agility tests that he makes when attempting to jump or leap and +2 TB.
Best Quality Ocular Sight
Best Quality Augur Array
Best Quality Cybernetic Hearing
Best Quality Mind Impulse Unit
Ocular Sight - Grant immunity to flash grenades and removes penalties for seeing in darkness, functions as a Best Quality Vid-Relay capture. Can be toggled as a half action between: +10 bonus to Sight based tests, Unnatural Ballistic Skill (2) or Best Quality Vid-Relay receiver.
Augur Array - Half action +30 Awareness within 50ft range, can use Tech-Use to spot invisible stuff.
Cybernetic Hearing - Heightened Senses (Hearing) and a +20 bonus to Tests made to resist attacks on the sense itself.
MIU - Good models grant a +10 bonus to communicate with machine spirits and for Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill Tests made as part of interfacing with the MIU systems.
Mind & Senses

Best Quality Bionic Arm /w Inbuilt MkII Las Pistol

Head-Body-Left/Right Arms-Left/Right Legs; 0-0-0/2-0/0

Right Arm - +10 bonus on Agility tests requiring delicate manipulation, +10 Strength and +2 TB.

Inbuilt Best Quality Brass Knuckles /w Mono
1d5I, Pen 2

Best - +10 WS and +1 Dmg.
Primitive - All non-primitive armour doubled vs this weapon.
Mono - Loses Primative

Best Quality MkII Las Pistol /w Extended Magazine & Vox Operated
40m; S/2/–; 1d10+3E; Pen 0; 45/45; Full Rld; 2 kg

Best - Never suffers from jamming or overheating, treating any such results as a miss.
Lasgun Variable Setting - Can fire x2 ammo +1 Dmg or 4x ammo for +2 Dmg and +2 Pen.
Vox Operated - Can change setting or fire by speaking.
Extended Magazine - +50% Ammo capacity.
Inbuilt - Hard (–20) Scrutiny Test to notice it when searching for concealed weapons, -50% ammo.

During their time in the Calixis 67th Penal both Maxwell and Dusa lost their right arms on a mission in the Yurin Lava fields, whilst assaulting an Ork air field a levy broke under-fire and both lost their arms from the elbow down. Standard practice within the Calixis 67th Penal was for the arm to be replaced with a Poor Quality combat prosthetic known as the Devils Handshake, both have long since replaced their crude cybernetics but the nicknames have stayed.

Within the palm of Jastra's hand is the concealed barrel of an MkII Las Pistol, she was not fortunate enough to have such good standing with the Senior Inquisitor.
Devil's Handshake -
45/45 Lasrounds

Hot-Shot Chargepack - Clip reduced to 1, Tearing, Pen 4

Spare Magazines
45/45 Las Chargepack
45/45 Las Chargepack
Best Quality Serpentine

1d10+3E; Pen 6; 1.5kg

Best - +10 WS and +1 Dmg.
Power Field - When Parry 75% destroying his opponents weapon, Immune to other Power Fields.
Fast - –20 penalty on opponent Parry Tests.


Seemingly this short dagger with an oversized T bar hand-guard was once a full-sized power-sword that has been repaired as a makeshift Power Dagger. Upon closer inspection all decoration and serial numbers that would indicate its origin or previous owner have been brutally filed off with very little care.
A Power Blade
Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade

1d10+7E; Pen 7; 10/10; 1.5kg

Best - +10 WS and +1 Dmg.
Power Field - When Parry 75% destroying his opponents weapon, Immune to other Power Fields.
Sunder - Successful Parry of 2 DoS destroys any weapon, failed parry of 5 DoF cause hit on user.
Effort Less - User does not apply their strength bonus.
Roaring Flame - Cannot be stealthy whilst using, requires a plasma canister that holds 10 rounds charge.


Perhaps even more curious than the strange Power Blade at her hip is the immensely rare and prized Sollex-Aegis Energy Blade on her hip. Said to be rare even among those in good favor with the Adeptus Mechanicus and almost unheard of being carried by Assassins because of the unsubtle racket associated with their use--then again Vindicators rarely carry much in the way of melee weapons in the first place and this one is carrying two.
Heat of Yurin -
10/10 Plasma Charges

Armour - 4-6-5-5
Vindicare Spy Mask

Issued to Imperial Assassins of the Vindicare Temple, this wargear’s systems are incredibly advanced and sophisticated. It is said that the design for the Spy Mask is little-understood even by the Tech-Priests of Mars. The spy mask contains cartridges of concentrated food and water for extended operations, and a multi-channel comm sensor (both vox and pict) for monitoring enemy communications. Its main feature is a wide-spectrum visor which can pick out heat and energy sources at tremendous distances.
The mask includes a built-in auspex, advanced high quality magnoculars, good-quality photo-visor (granting the wearer the Dark Sight Trait and making him immune to the effects of photon flash grenades), pict-recorder, re-breather, and vox-caster. In addition, the wearer may re-roll any failed Perception-based Test, and does not suffer a change to the range bracket when firing a ranged weapon at a target protected by Cameleoline.
It should be noted that the equipment of a Vindicare Assassin is often gene-coded to that individual and no other, and that it would take a great deal of effort—and a Very Hard (–30) Tech-Use and Medicae Test—to adjust the gene-coding for another user.
Vindicare Spy Mask
Vindicare Stealth Suit
Head-Body-Arms-Legs; 3-3-3-3; 5kg

Stealth Suit +10 bonus to Dodge Tests and to Toughness tests to resist any form of toxin
Cameleon +20 bonus to Concealment and Silent Move Tests.

This item of wargear appears as a matte-black bodyglove, specially fitted for the individual Assassin. The Vindicare Temple has a long-standing pact with the Adeptus Mechanicus to craft these exquisite suits, each one combining Cameleoline laced materials with a complex version of “synskin.” This material bonds with the Assassin’s body, enhancing his reflexes and protecting him from poisons, gases, and other hazards of the battlefield. Each suit is supple and silent, allowing the Assassin to move with perfect freedom whilst still retaining its protective qualities.
The Stealth Suit may not be worn under any form of armour. It provides 3 points of Armour to all locations and incorporates all the benefits of synskin. The Stealth Suit grants a +10 bonus to Dodge Tests and to Toughness tests to resist any form of toxin, and a +20 bonus to Concealment and Silent Move Tests. The wearer may attempt a Concealment Test as a Half Action instead of a Full Action, and may make the attempt even whilst being observed. If the wearer remains stationary, he counts as being one range bracket further away for all ranged attacks against him. The Stealth Suit makes the wearer invisible to the Dark Sight Trait, preysense, and infared sensors of all kinds. This item is manufactured at the Best craftsmanship level.
It should be noted that the equipment of a Vindicare Assassin is often gene-coded to that individual and no other, and that it would take a great deal of effort—and a Very Hard (–30) Tech-Use and Medicae Test—to adjust the gene-coding for another user.
Vindicare Stealth Suit
Best Quality Displacement Field
PR 55; Overload 1; 2kg

Displacement - Teleported 3d10 meters always emerges on solid footing and in a suitable empty space.
If all dice same number takes 1d5 Rounds and gains 1 Corruption Point from exposure to strange energies. If unexpected, then the wearer cannot act for one Round while he regains his sense of place.
Honour before Fear - +10 vs all Fear tests.

Awarded for the elimination of a rogue Inquisitor whose heretical actions expedited The Fall of the Tricorn and Calixis Conclave; Jastra usually wears the medal as a pin holding her camo-cloak secured to her shoulder as a reminder for herself, her allies and her enemies of how the road to the liberation of Calixi is paved by the heroic acts of single soliders.
Obscurus Grand Honorifica Assassinum
Best Quality Recoil Gloves

Tools & Kit
Best Quality Multi-key

Inquisitorial Access Codes - +30 bonus to any Security test when trying to open locks.
Acolyte's Rosette of the Ordo Sicarius
Best Quality Combi Tool
Best Quality Field Suture
Best Quality Grav Chute
Best Quality Micro Bead
Best Quality Stummers (3/3)
Best Quality Signal Jammer
Annotated version of Tactica Imperialis,
Pict cast of Samuel Girgurson starching his uniform.


Riiiight--most of it is still WIP so don't go through with a fine tooth comb yet please.

Gonna be upfront and honest its a alternate timeline version of another character I am currently playing in an active game and as much as I will be trying to re-create her as accurately as I can there is most certainly a lot of differences.

I envisage my character, having already had way too much backstory to really fit into most characters, going on and succeeding at whatever quest she currently has before her before either secumbing to fatigue, old age, heresy, insanity or depression and having her mind wiped and being inducted into the Vindicare Temple. Whether it was a willing mind wipe because the current personality couldn't bare existing anymore and would have killed herself or was forced upon her by her Handlers is unsure but it was necessary to ensure she was a loyal servant to the Emperor.

I imagine her main personality trait will be that she will constantly have minor lapses/quirks that even she herself doesn't understand why.

The original character was built in a combination of DH2.0 and OW so expect alot of the stuff on the sheets to not even be from the correct system--please bare with me as I go about altering and re-doing everything.

I am really glad that Assassin career path allows cheap access to Fearless, although apparently mind-cleansed ignores Fearless for its Flashback Triggers, because with the amount of Insanity she is going to have she will really need the it... :/ 11 Fel, 43 Insanity and 5 corruption xD... She is probably going to be less social than the blank. :O

So: 40+ insanity nets her 1 Minor Disorder. Probably going to go with Delusion (Invulnerability) or Vision (Dead Comrade)


Edit: Urg accidentally added a dice in the middle of my rolls instead of at the end and it rerolled them all... :///
Insanity went up from 43 to 53 and corruption from 5 to 6... serves me right I suppose for being stupid.

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