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A Call to the Office [Rona, Rose, Katsuo, Hideo]

A Call to the Office [Rona, Rose, Katsuo, Hideo]

The last couple weeks had certainly been awkward for your small group, especially in regards to your homeroom teacher, Kiyoemo-sensei. Even despite the fact that he had left the encounter on the top floor rather abruptly with a promise to explain, he seemed to have been avoiding the four of you since classes started anew. Outside of homeroom and his mathematics classes, he quickly made his excuses and left, so as to not prolong any interactions he might find himself in.

Today was different though. During the break before first period he called the four of you outside to speak with you, though even then he chose to be dodgy with his words. He offered a single succinct statement. "I want the four of you to come to the Teacher's Office this afternoon, after classes have ended and the other teacher's have left. I'll explain things then."

With that single statement he gave a single nod, turning, and heading to his next class.

By this point in the day many of the students had already left, their extracurricular activities and training completed for the day. The sun was beginning to go down, though the light was still enough that no artificial light was needed.

While not abandoned, the school was quiet.

Rona Buckley
Defense: 2d6 ll Attack: 3d6 ll Dx: 1
Health: 40/40 ll Endurance: 40/40

Rona had been perhaps unexpectedly patient with Kiyoemo-sensei. While she was definitely curious about why someone who is clearly quite skilled wouldn't be a Striker himself, she had a completely different concern that rose to the surface: That was a Rank 8 Spelling he'd used. If there was any chance he could teach her any Spellings.... she wasn't going to jeopardize that.

So it was that after she gets out of her classes, she waits outside the Teacher's office, for the rest of the group. Going in without them and making Kiyoemo-sensei repeat himself would be rude.

Rosario d'Arc
Defense: 3d6 ll Attack: 4d6 ll Dx: 1
Health: 40/40 ll Endurance: 40/40

When Kiyoemo-sensei suggested they meet after school, Rose saw little reason to turn down the request even if it was weird. After all, there was nothing wrong with a teacher asking to meet after school when nobody else was around. As such, after spending time at the gym and training and working out, Rose finally made her way toward the teacher's office once the gym had closed and school was quiet. When she arrived, she saw Rona and waved, "Hi Rona!"


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