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Ch 3b: Foul Mouths and Pure Hearts (Amara, Vin)

Ch 3b: Foul Mouths and Pure Hearts (Amara, Vin)

■☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ Benicia, Friday, June 11th, 1024. ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ - San Polo
Amara and Vin set out from the Dente Oro, through San Polo and across the Dorsodouro. There are bells chiming to signal the start of the business day, and as the traverse the Academia, students dash to and fro. Finally they arrive in a familiar alcove near the Magistorium.

Vin starts to realize that most seagulls look very much alike, and it might be up to Fletcher to identify himself. Then he heard a low whistle, and knew he had found his bird.

"Buongiorno, Signorina!" A dirty-looking seagull hopped off a piling and waddled across the cobblestones to Vin and Amara. He gives a sideways look at Vin. "I am impressed, Scruffy. Why do the ugly guys get all the hot chicks? What's your secret?"

"I wasn't sure you'd show, you know. Where's my ale?"

Amara Speros
Amara was honestly uncertain how to react to the bewitched waterfowl. She hadn't doubted Vincenzo or Ren when they had related the story about this Fletcher, but it was an entirely different experience to be seeing and hearing the talking gull right there in front of her.

I've got to study my grimoire more thoroughly. I'd love to work a ritual to analyze the magical signature around this creature. Who knows what I'd learn?

Amara kept her thoughts to herself. She stepped a pace or two to the side, allowing Vin and Fletcher space to converse. She idly studied the Magistorium, curious about what sort of magics the institution taught within its walls.

Vincenzio di Milano

Vin, having carefully cradled the wooden mug during the walk from the tavern where it was purchased, sets the watered-down ale at the side of the walking path and gestures for Fletcher to have at.

"Manners, Fletcher," he chides gently. "Nobody's 'gotten' anybody. This is Amara. Amara, Fletcher. Now, my feathered friend: have you heard about the murder of the churchmen in San Marco? Everyone seems to be talking about it, the past few days," he asks, watching Fletcher with interest to gauge his response.

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