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An Investigation [Shiho, Yuu, Maomi, Miku]

An Investigation [Shiho, Yuu, Maomi, Miku]

Just as it had a couple short weeks ago, a short chime appeared over the school's intercom. Though rather than being towards the end of the day, it went off during the waning few minutes of the first half of the day, shortly before the lunch bell rang. The voice of the Student Council president came across once more, though this time it was more recognizable. "Teachers, please pardon the interruption. Would the following four students please come to the Student Council room? Thank you. Maomi Wakahisa, Shiho Mishimura, Miku Osaiko, and Yuusagi Morimoto. Again, please pardon the interruption."

Practically mirroring their reactions before, there were a few accusatory voices in the classroom before each of your respective teachers excused you.

Unlike before, however, the only occupants of the small waiting room ended up being the four of you. Despite the ten names that had been initially listed, Garrow did not call for any of them this time, even the ones who had initially agreed to the investigation the last time.

At the very least, though, there didn't seem to be any shouting coming from the office, and though the four of you had not been fully invited in like before, the door was left partially ajar.

Despite classes having only been restarted a scant few days ago Yuu was already bored out of her mind - who'd have known having something to do every day could be just as boring as having literally nothing? Suffice to say when the call came through she jumped at the chance to get out of her lessons - though not without looking as smug as possible about it when passing her classmates by.

Arriving at the council room she just raise a brow slightly at how quiet it was though she still wears a small grin about it. "Huh. Looks like they cut down the on the extras this time. Guess they know talent when they see it - and also you three at here too." She snickers to herself before glancing around, wondering if they were expected to just barge in.

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