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Man it's hard to be an Exalt (3e)

Originally Posted by Fearan View Post
So, sort-of Creation! Sengoku era, but with pirates, Nice, i see much promise in it.
This actually sounds super cool. Exalted in a more real-world-familiar land. If it's actually Sengoku Exalted, I can put my degrees to good use for a change, hah

So.. did anyone else miss the boat on this, and then catch that all the people with prospective game ideas ended up in the game spun out of here?


Awesomely, this thread spawned a couple of different games! Unfortunately, the one I was in got attacked by real life and fell through. So if anyone wants to start up a new one, I'm still looking for a game.

Oof, sorry to hear that game collapsed. >_< Never a fun time after all the work it can take to get one going.

Eh, and while I'm commiserating, I'd be keen on joining a game, too.

Well the good news is I am putting together a new game developing the pitch I have on here a few pages back.

That said really got an itch to be kick some butt as a player too.

Also now really mad I wasn't quite confident in my lore enough to throw something together for dunecat's Dragon-blooded game in time.

I'd be down for Exalted, as soon as I can find my books and re-read the lore because I only ever played in one game of Exalted.


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