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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

New guy looking for AL PbP games to join

New guy looking for AL PbP games to join

Hi. I am new to Myth Weavers and was recently referred to your site after asking a question on the Adventurers League facebook group regarding PbP games for season 8. Very excited to find a whole community of PbP DnD gamers as i thought my playgroup and i were a bit of an island.

I have been DMing PbP Adventurers League games for a year or so after finding myself with little free time to sit down for a traditional 4 hour game due to work, kids etc... Now hoping to join any AL games that are out there as a player as i have plenty of characters gathering dust.

Please let me know if any AL games are looking for players. My discord tag is Griffmeister#0815 or you can contact me on No emails publicly shared please, privacy protection issue!


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Myth-Weavers, @Griffmeister!

We actually have a few resources that would serve you better by going and looking at them, then just advertising your intent in the Introductions Thread.

One such, is the OFFICIAL ADVENTURER'S LEAGUE gaming thread, where all the advertisements for open games are placed!

We, too, have an official Myth-Weavers Discord Server <-- Follow this link for directions!

Then, the first sticky at the top of the introduction thread is a great resource, with other wonderful links like Play-by-Post basics, essential skills, and the big concerns about Play-by-Post, so you get more out of your experience here!

If you have any questions, let us know! But just come by the Discord server and chat!

And don't worry about the Harpoons, they're friendly - just like Colin's beard!

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