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Hi all!

New-ish to pbp, I've played in 2 games that fizzled out after about a month.

D&D 5e is my game of choice atm, but I enjoy: WHFRP, Dark Heresy/DH2, and the occasional Pathfinder. In fact, one of the main reasons I joined is because I'd like to run the Strange Aeons AP in 5e and my RL group isn't interested. After I get comfortable with the site, of course.

Also wouldn't mind trying out the Dragon Age ttrpg if a game pops up.

Welcome, @LowCunning!

Yes, sadly, attrition is high in the Play-by-Post world. You're not the only one to have had that experience, sadly.

Looks like you've thrown yourself right in, then. Well, you know where the Game Advertisements are... so why don't you come chat with us about Locks and Colin's Beard over on the Official Myth-Weavers Discord Server!

We're a fun group, honestly. Just make sure to dodge the Welcome Harpoons™ as you come in. It's a traditional native greeting.

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