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Not Shy, Just Not Posty

Not Shy, Just Not Posty

Hey, y'all. I signed up here back in '09 and may have made an introductory post back then, but I can't remember. In fact, I don't recall finding this site, or who pointed me at it (if anyone). It was actually quite a surprise to discover that I already had an account here when one of my new DMs pointed me at it when we started running D&D months ago. It's taken me a while to get over my social anxiety and post an intro here, and I can't promise to post with any regularity (yay anxiety about things in general), but here I am.

I go by Abodaore here, but answer to Ashe in real life.
I'm in my mid-40's.
I'm playing in 2 D&D campaigns, 1 Pathfinder campaign, and am running D&D for friends with whom I also play Vampire and MTG (we cycle through each by turns).

The characters I play are Xylorian Grey, a male Dragonborn Druid (D&D #1, 5e); Nosedrool, a female Gnome Monk (D&D #2, mostly 3.5 with some 5e); and Nur Li Rashayda Khalbarat, a female Tengu Oracle - Mystery of Life (Pathfinder). Off in the wings awaiting games of their own are Pai Ting, a male Half-Elf (inept) Bard (at Conceptual stage, no character sheet; planned in case Xylorian bites the dust); and Krizan Pienaar, a gender-neutral Wayang Eldritch Archer/Gunslinger (for a possible additional Pathfinder campaign).

Mid 40's!!!! My fellow Gen X-er! Welcome! Welcome!

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I didn't know y'all had a chat option. Sadly, the link doesn't work.

I would like to join the chat though.

What? My Discord server link doesn't work!?

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