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A Greeting and a Confession (or two)

A Greeting and a Confession (or two)

Hello, my name is Elris, and I make too many characters.

So, first, I've been on the site for a few years now, so I'm not really ne, I'm just new to interacting with the forum. I heard about the site from a friend who mentioned that it was a good site for making and storing D&D characters, and it turned out even better than I hoped.

I'll also admit I'm not planning to be a regular in the forum, I'm mainly just trying to post 5 messages because I want to provide a pdf I found online with a character sheet I'd like to request be added.
I recognize that makes me sound really selfish and uncaring, but the main reason I'm not going to be on the forum very much is simply because I don't have time to keep track of various conversations here. I'm more the, 'hang back and share my thoughts on occasion' sort of person.

However, I don't want to be a crappy person, so if this sort of thing is frowned upon, I'll refrain from posting in the forum henceforth.
I will also try to keep my responses to being genuine opinions, and only if I think they'll be constructive. I don't intend to simply go to 4 other random threads and post something short and inconspicuous.

Okay, so with that confession out of the way:
I am most experienced with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (from which I earned my title; Flayer Flamer), but some of my friends and I began playing Pathfinder about a year ago. I'm not currently looking for any games because we run sessions when we're able.
I'm also very interested in other tabletop roleplaying systems, like BESM d20 and the various Tri-Stat settings (mostly the ones adapted to fit anime).

In my teen years I had access to the Dungeon Master's Guide and Player's Handbook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2.0, but didn't really have anyone to play with, so I got into the habit of just designing characters. While I do get to play these days, I still find myself coming up with various character concepts, so having access to a site like this is really helpful.

Looking forward to making many more characters here!
Unless I get booted for breaking a rule I failed to read up on.


Oh, don't worry! We've all been there, likely, at some point. There was a period where I was inactive for a few years.

Still, if you have questions, ping!

In fact, join our wild and zany Discord Server (the details are in that thread). There's plenty of people to answer questions if you ever have them. Plenty of gaming chatter, and non-gaming in our grand community.

Just don't ask Colin about the locks.
Trust me.

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