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Hey folks,
Just wanted to do the intro thing. I was very into TRPGs growing up and into my 20s, even becoming a professional designer for a while. Then life happened, grad school, LARPs, etc. and I disappeared for... like 20 years. I've just jumped back in in the last year, mainly playing online CoC, Delta Green, and the GUMSHOE engine games (and I can go on at length about how much I love their system). Of course back in the day I cut my teeth on D&D (AD&D 2nd ed, specifically), Shadowrun, and I knew the World of Darkness inside out...up until about '98. ;-)

Now I'm back in grad school, hopefully for the last time and hopefully finishing coursework this spring, at which point I will be in dissertation hell for the foreseeable future. I need breaks to clear my head, though, and play by post seems like one of the few ways I'm going to fit gaming into my schedule. Doing writing for school is like pulling teeth for me, but this kind of stuff just flows on out like Niagara, so I'm hoping it will help me to prime the pump for the much less interesting writing I have to do. Well, that or be a supremely awesome way to avoid doing my work. ;-)

Welcome to Myth-Weavers, @wordcrimes! I love the username, btw.

I have got the game for you, and not just because I know the person running it, but because it's oWoD Werewolf the 20th anniversary edition! Basically, the rules you know and love!

Check out: Silver City Sojourn

I personally vouch for Chase!

Also, join us on Discord - The Myth-Weavers Edition! It is full of fun and helpful people practically live there.

And we're fun!

If you have any questions, just ask!

Cheers! I'm set up on Discord now and just got a message that I've been accepted to a Delta Green game, so I'm psyched to get started! Silver City looks great, but I'd like to get going on this first game before adding more.

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