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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Howls of Greetings

Howls of Greetings

Hi, everyone!

Wulf here. Been playing tabletop RPG's since the late 90's - mostly D&D, with a splash of some other game systems.

I heard about Myth Weavers from an online pal and thru Reddit. Looking forward to some good times here with y'all.

Thanks, and Happy Gaming to us all!

Welcome to the Weave @TheGreyWulf !

Nice to see more people join who have been playing for so long - What are you looking to play on the site?

If you have questions about play by post gaming (which is mostly what happens here) the intro to play by post is pretty good places to start: New to Play by Post?

Thanks for the welcome! ��

I'm currently up to scratch with D&D 5E, but I'm game with any system that I can get a copy of.

Reading the helps and maybe already knowing bbCode is helpful!

Originally Posted by JeffVerville View Post
@TheGreyWulf it's crazy that you ''just joined'' and you can already code your posts/application perfectly in a very short time.
Like @chibiamy said, I went thru the Help articles and I know some bbCode from a while back. Using Quote on those posts that I like lets me "pirate" other people's formatting, and it helps that I work in IT, too.

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