Epic 5E Game Seeks Replacement Player

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Epic 5E Game Seeks Replacement Player

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Super Active 5E Game Seeks Replacement Player

So our game that has been running since 26 Jun 2017 & in character since 2 July 2017 (pushing on 4+ months of IC now) with over 1000 in character posts and rising and we've had 4 of our original players still goin' strong and one of our more recent recruits fitting in quite nicely. Don't be fooled by our OOC thread in the game forum, we have an extremely active Discord channel that has taken over our OOC.

We lost 2 players almost immediately when we first started to the ever present threat of ghosting, and just recently lost one of our replacement players to RL circumstances beyond their control.

We would like to recruit one additional player to round our ranks and put us back at an even number. It has become my custom as a DM to not have an overly long advertising/recruiting process that you traditionally see on Myth-Weavers, I usually use a short and painless character pitch process that I've had great success with (see this game).

Unfortunately I don't think that approach would work best here, in part because with a now established gaming group that is well into the story, we have to very carefully consider if an addition is a good idea both tabletop & in character, and then making sure that whomever we select is a good fit for the game.

So what does that mean for you reading this ad? That its going to be a little bit of a longer & more involved process than I would ordinarily propose, but given the early success of our game (that even survived a lull when I went with a boat crew to Houston during Harvey); getting into our game is a pretty good bet that you'll get to participate in an active (and I think) highly enjoyable game for the foreseeable future.

But like I said, given the situation, it will require a bit more effort than I'd normally subject applicants to. So first, I'm going to provide some links & context on the party to help you get an idea of what we're looking for.

The party currently includes:

High Priestess Gwendolyn Idril, a Half-Elf homebrewed Light/Life Domain Cleric of Elishtar
Chancellor Ianfire Gellentara, a Variant Human Lore Bard
Royal Mage Layla Teldrassil, a High Elf Lore Wizard
Princess Vaalai, a
Mechanically she is a variant human with a free dragonmark feat and the RP feature of the aasimar's angelic guide for storyline reasons
Dragonmarked Aasimar Revised Ranger Beast Master Conclave
Morgath the Last Bloodfang, an
Mechanically a half-orc
Orc Path of the Zealot Barbarian

Currently the primary NPC that the player characters deal with is:

Prince Talym Sol, the last surviving son (or so thought until recently) of the noble kingdom of Silverstone that is hard pressed by demonic forces. His family is the only known Aasimar line in the world.

I've included links to the initial ad and our first replacement ad so that you can get an idea of what the requirements and hooks for the existing characters were

Initial Ad

DM & Gameplay Conventions
Our average posting rate has consistently been about 1/per day with some slow down on the weekends, so on average to fit in with this game, you should be able to commit to a 5-6 post a week schedule. If you can't commit to that (and granted, we won't expect that over the upcoming holidays, but communication about availability is key) you probably aren't the best fit to join our game.

We have started using roll20 for combat - we still do it PbP style, but now instead of making a map, uploading it to imgur, and then posting it to the weave, editing it again and so for - I simply create roll20 maps and link the players to that and so far it has worked splendidly. If you aren't going to be able to use roll20 in this fashion, you won't be able to fully enjoy our game.

Available sources are pretty wide open. You would be starting as a level 5 character, pretty much any WoTC publication for 5E is fair game for race/class (although if your preferred UA class was added into Xanathar's, I'm going to go with the Xanathar's version) to include Grungs & Tortles should that be your fancy. I've bullet listed the character creation guidelines you'd be under:
  • Level 5
  • Standard gear per class in PHB & Background
  • Standard Array or 27 Point Buy for ability scores
  • Max HP @ level 1; class average for 2-5 (per PHB)
  • Published WotC content & UA (with published taking precedence over UA and DM right of refusal on any UA)
  • Carefully considered and DM approved Homebrew

The Application Process
So, you've read up to this point and are still interested! Great! Normally, this is where I say 'pitch me a 3-5 character concept and we'll go from there' but this is going to be more involved than that. First, a word on party needs & character hooks.

In our discord discussion, we are in general agreement that the party as-is is rather balanced out, with only a few not well covered areas. One of those areas is that of a stealth based skill monkey (while our Bard is quite the charisma con artist otherwise and quite inventive) - and the other is that of an additional front-line type warrior with perhaps higher AC than our rugged Orc barbarian.

The party has so far had significant interaction with NPCs to fill party gaps at times, but in general we'd like the party to be completely self-sufficient in the absence of NPCs. So, if you're wanting to enhance your chances of getting in - consider filling one or both of those roles somehow with your application.

The second important consideration is that of character hook, which I'm going to address below.

The initial character hook had characters with all strong, pre-existing ties to the primary NPC. The replacement characters had that - or another reason to join the party that was also pre-existing. It starts to defy realism at this point if we introduced a character with strong, pre-existing ties to the party and/or the primary NPC. This is both a good, and a bad thing for your as the applicant because it is going to be more dependent on your creativity and some research on our game than anything else.

Some suggestions from the DM
  • A thief from the Thieves' Guild of Silverstone (as the party is about to be introduced to one)
  • A dwarf from the currently besieged Copperhold
  • A previously unnamed Knight of Silverstone
  • A mysterious and exotic traveler from a far away land, drawn by ill omens or something else
  • A fleeing noble from a fallen kingdom
  • An existing NPC that sticks out at you
  • Surprise me!

A good pitch will require some knowledge of our story-line & events so far. Here is a link to our completed IC threads, and our current thread.

**note, I haven't updated the synopsis thread in a bit**

What Constitutes a Complete Application
We are going to conduct this application process in 3 phases.

The first: character pitches!

I love these. A 3-5 sentence paragraph that covers the main idea and theme of your character, to include race/class combo, interesting tidbit or character hook angle. During this phase, you are also welcome to engage my current players & ask for their opinions on what they'd like to see, etc., I would encourage you to be specific instead of posting in the questions thread general 'what do you guys want' but consider PMing them with specific questions, bouncing ideas off them, etc., we have a great and friendly group of gamers here!

In addition to the character pitch, your initial application needs to include your answers to this player questionnaire.

The second: Full fledged character backgrounds

Depending on interest, the players and I will select from the applications and narrow the field. I don't have a firm number on how many people will make it to this phase, but at this point you will be asked to complete your characters background and provide the mechanical concept (you don't have to make or finish a sheet, but being able to say "a fighter, with the polearm master feat and skills in .... ) would be needed for us to get an idea of how they would fit in mechanically with the party.

The Third: Selection!

At this point, we'll pick someone & that person will join the game, finish their character, etc.

What are we looking for/at:

I'm not gonna speak for my players, but as DM I'm looking for someone who read the ad, is capable of and wants to keep up with our posting rate and writes their character into the setting instead of trying to jam their character into the setting.

You need to be interested in the rule of cool, having fun, and being excellent to the other members of the group (that has gelled pretty awesomely I think).

We're going to look heavily at posting statistics, history of ghosting, etc., that sort of thing. Not to say that newer players shouldn't apply, but we are looking very closely at it and trying to avoid having to recruit again!

Please post your character pitches here and ask any questions you have here.

Game Description:

The Starting Hook
The Kingdom of Silverstone on the eastern shores of the Middle Sea has long been ruled by a benevolent Aasimar dynasty that has used their connection to the divine to create a kingdom renowned for its chivalry, justice and benevolence towards those around them. Even the long time foes and rivals to the kingdom acknowledge that Silverstone is well-deserving of its noble reputation. This reputation has been put to the test as rumors of a great evil came filtering in from the savage lands even further east than Silverstone - rumors that came true as a massive army of savages descended upon the various eastern kingdoms.

Recognizing an existential threat that was far beyond the scope of any one kingdom, the current King of Silverstone (Bauric IX) called his banners and appealed to the lords of the other nearby kingdoms (Goldstone, Fair Isle, the Opal Delta, and the Dwarven Copperhold) and marched east to challenge this army and stop it before it could make its way any further west.

The great army marched east...and never returned. Small bands of survivors began to trickle in. The king had left behind his youngest son, Prince Talym, who received the survivors in his court and heard of the fall of the great army. They had met the enemy in battle and at first had seemed to hold their own, but demons and devils alike had been unleashed and all had been lost.

Mindful of his father's last command to him, Prince Talym has readied his remaining knights to make a desperate last stand from within the 7 walls of the great city of Silverstone. Magical messages and riders have been sent far and wide, warning lords as far west as the various kingdoms of the former Ruby Empire, the Emerald Empire and the surrounding kingdoms.

Now, the enemy has come at last to the walls of Silverstone. The Prince chose to make his defense at the greatest of the city's walls, the ancient Dragonstone - raised in the world before recorded time with mighty spell and stonecraft long lost in the modern world. For the first time, an enemy has breached its mighty gate and there the Prince and his closest allies (You) will make their stand....

Pure Crunch Stuff
Level: 3 (900XP)
Races: Player's Handbook, All Adventurer's League Supplement Races, Volo's Guide (To Include Monstrous Races).
Classes: Player's Handbook + Unearthed Arcana / No Multi-classing (at least at character creation)
Backgrounds: Player's Handbook + AL Supplement Backgrounds
Deities: Standard Greyhawk Pantheon (Pelor, Heironeous, Bahamut, etc) + Elishtar
Variants: Feats are authorized (so human variant + feats instead of ability increases if desired)
Ability Scores: Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or 27 Point Buy
Hit Points: Max @ Level 1, Roll for levels 2 and 3 OR take average (if you roll you have to keep it)
Equipment: Class/Background Items OR purchase with rolled starting gold per PHB.

Note, the game is going to open in a combat setting and each character will start at 3/4 HP and 1/2 spell slots expended.

Crunchish-Roleplay Stuff
# of Players: 5
Player Roles: Looking for the traditional party (Face, Tank, Healer, Skills, Caster)
Special Note: Since these characters are close friends and allies of the primary quest giver, there are some specific hooks/roles that I'd like applicants to consider for their characters, these are:
  • Romantic Interest
  • Longtime childhood friend of a non-human race
  • Rival/frenemy
  • Monstrous humanoid raised as a hostage or adopted within the Kingdom of Silverstone
  • Fostered nobility from a foreign kingdom
  • A commoner who serves in the army or some other official capacity

You don't *have* to use one of these above, they are intended as examples - but I am looking for a very specific party concept so just bear that in mind. Also, you can combine these if you'd like such as commoner+love interest, or fostered nobility/rival, etc.

Applying for this game

Minimum Required: A race, class, background & hook concept + a 1-2 sentence elevator pitch of the character.

You can post these in the thread titled Character Pitches

**If you'd like to start a more complete character application, you may do so in this folder - Character Applications

Who Should Apply to this game

People who like the simplicity and power cap of 5E. My goal is to tell a story that catches the epic scope of Lord of the Rings but avoids the rocket tag of 3.5 and makes things like mundane armies a legitimate threat.

People who are interested in exploring the drama of individuals thrust into a situation that is far beyond them, and struggling to survive and win in a situation that will often seem hopeless.

Character Sheets & Characters won't need to be finalized until the 5 players have been selected.

What I'm Looking For

Now that I've been on MW for a bit, I have a handful of preferred players. I'm not going to pretend that I don't, and if these people are interested in my game I'll probably select 3/5 or 4/5 of them in this game. I do try to keep a slot or two open in any game I start for either new players or people I haven't played with before so keep that in mind.

What gets me as a DM though when I'm looking at apps is characters that get written into my setting, as opposed to characters that are written despite my setting and hook (if that makes any sense). Still, no need for a long drawn out application (because we all hate making characters and not getting picked).


A helpful link for setting information is Setting Information

Check out my recently renamed 5E game, The War of the Orbs and my 5E World of Farland campaign, Farland Fellowship

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Well, must say I'm interested.

I'd not recommend going through my gaming history on the site, though. It's extensive. I'm happy to talk you through it.

im intrested unless the slots already been taken. i have not played any campains on here, altho im very intrested in doing so i could whip a character in no time

I'm very interested, not sure how to make a connection to the characters AND be a member of the thieves guild. I'll work on something.

Interested! Redirected my question to where you want to see the questions.

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